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VO2Max no longer updating - Software v3.90 - Vivomove Style

Hi all, 

it seems that since the update to 3.90 (Vivomove Style), the watch is not providing an estimate of VO2max during running activities. Before the update, the watch would provide an estimate for all the runs. Is this a known issue? 


  • @7553484, no, I haven't tried runalyze yet. Need to set aside some time to look at it. In general, I am not keen on sharing my personal data if I can avoid it. For now I am forcing the watch to take a VO2 Max measurement from the "Heart Stats" screen. Not optimal because it stops the activity after 5-6 minutes, instead of using the whole run, but better than nothing.

    I hope Garmin learned their lesson and will spend more time testing a new firmware before its release.

    As I stated before, the minor improvements 3.90 brought (or was supposed to bring) are absolutely not worth the pain and misery it has inflicted upon us users and the poor Garmin employees who are just trying to do their job here on the forum and are being abused and bullied by a few characters.

  • Yes I see what you mean regarding data privacy. 

    On a sidenote, I have tried using the manual VO2Max but I am always getting the same value and I am seeing no improvement, even though my running performance has been improving significantly. Do you get different values and do they reflect your training? 

  • For work related reasons and the weather being not very cooperative I haven't been consistent in running outside since the 3.90 screw-up. Thus I don't think I have used the "manual" VO2 Max enough to be able to say how accurate its tracking might be.

    What I can tell you is that, when it was working, I came to the conclusion that the algorithm used to calculate it must be using some sort of smoothed or running average (no pun intended...). I got my Style in early August last year and from then till about Christmas time I run consistently three times a week, every other day. Although I could see my running performance improve in speed, pace and heartbeat, it took about four weeks before VO2 Max started to go up, continued to go up and peaked in December. 

    Since I run very little outside during the winter, it was already declining when the 3.90 mess happened. It has dropped two more points from the date of the 3.90 update, I suppose just because I haven't yet resumed my regular running on top of having stopped taking readings automatically during the course of an entire run. It has stayed flat at that level since mid March, I have only four data points, though, all taken manually.

    Perhaps it has also to do with the manual measurement sampling only 5-6 minutes of a run, who knows.

    If you are sharing your data with runalyze it will be interesting to see if your VO2 Max changes in their stats. The absolute number will probably be different than that calculated by Garmin, but the relative difference over time is what counts anyway, regardless of how it is calculated. 

    At any rate, once I resume my regular runs I will take a manual VO2 Max measurement every time and see if it starts going up after a few weeks. Yesterday here in the Northeast was raining and today is SNOWING (can you believe that??!!), but tomorrow and the rest of the week should be dry and good for running outside.

  • Yes, that has been more or less my experience as well, and before the 3.90 update, the value started going up similarly to yours. Since the update, the number has been stuck for a month to the same value, and it got updated on the 11th of April (i.e., one month after the update).

    On runalyze there are different estimates for the VO2Max (e.g., based only on pace, or pace+HR) giving slightly different absolute values. The numbers, in any case, are different from Garmin. However, I see the curve going up with every run, and the increase seems to be consistent on whether I am doing easier, slower runs (only minor improvement) and tempo/fast runs (larger improvement). 

    BTW, the weather here in southeast England has been crazy as well, we had some snow a couple of days ago and freezing temperatures for more than a week! Where is the spring??? :D have a lovely weekend!

  • Ah, you are in the Old World, I am in the Northeast of the US, in New England. Given what you say,  I suppose the weather must be the reason why the early colonists called this area "New England"...  Laughing. We had several summer-like days and now snow, go figure.

    You have a nice weekend too, hopefully with some running in the mix.

  • Looks like I have this problem, too, but not only with the Vivomove, but the Edge 530 as well. Here's what I do:

    • Start a cycling activtiy on the Vivomove Luxe, FW 3.90. No phone GPS. I use the Luxe tracking so that the intensity minutes are recorded.
    • Start a cycling activity on the Edge 530, FW 7.10. Garmin heart rate monitor (*** strap) is always connected to the Edge; HR is also detected and recorded.
    • VO2max is stuck on Apr 15, although I cycled multiple times since then.
    • Same for walking activities.

    Might this be a problem of the platform and not the watch only?

  • I believe that on watches with connected or built-in GPS you have to use it to update VO2 Max. 

    Before the Style I had a Vivome HR, which did NOT have connected or built-in GPS. That watch updated VO2 Max with any running or walking activity, even when walking or running in place.

    My experience with the Style is that you have to use connected GPS when biking, running or walking to get VO2 Max to update.

    Of course that is now a moot point, since the 3.90 update screwed up everything...

    As for the platform, my son got a Forerunner 245 a few weeks ago and has no problem with VO2 Max. He runs with his school track team and has seen his VO2 Max steadily going up since wearing the watch. 

  • Thanks for your reply. I was a bit unclear which device I expect VO2max to report: It's the Edge 530, that doesn't do it anymore for cycling activities. Neither does the Vivomove for walking activities.

  • Ah, that is interesting. I guess you have both devices sync'd with the same account and Garmin Connect app?

    If that is the case it could be that the Vivomove Style/Luxe 3.90 screw-up of VO2 Max somehow affected the Edge 530 as well, through the app or your account. 

    Does the Edge 530 allows to force a manual measurement of VO2 Max? The Style/Luxe does, through the "Heart Stats -> VO2 Max" screen on the watch. 

    That still works, but in my case it measures only the first 5-6 minutes of a GPS tracked activity.

  • They are on the same account, yes. The Edge doesn't have a manual measurement feature; it just automatically calculates the values when HR and wattage are present. Both were. Half an hour ago, I fully resetted the watch once again... we'll see how that works out.