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SETUP ISSUE: Scale can pair, but timeout at connect to WiFi -- Kludge fix

I found setup of the Garmin scale to be a nightmare. I had no problem pairing the scale, but then the scale would timeout rather than connect to my home WiFi, so I could not complete the setup process.

Tech support was very patient and we tried: (1) an iOS phone; (2) an Android phone; (3) a Win 7 computer; and (4) a Win 10 computer. I have two different WiFi networks bridged together and it was the same for both routers. Finally, we tried removing the password from the router and that permitted me to complete setup.

Since the scale is now happily on my WiFi network, I probably can add the password back to the router, but would then have to disable the password again each time the scale needs to login to the network (e.g. after battery change or if the router lost power). Since that’s such a rare occurrence, this is not the worst kludge.

Just a head’s up in case anyone else runs into this and wants to save two hours on the phone with tech support!