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Forerunner 735XT SW 9.70 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile.

Change Log 

  • CIQ security fix
  • Resolves USB connection issue with 9.60
  • In our internal testing, we have seen the best results by following the steps below to update with Garmin Express. 

    • Make sure device is disconnected
    • Restart computer
    • Connect 735XT
    • Launch Garmin Express after device is recognized
    • Install update
  • I'll give it a try later!
    BTW, in the meanwhile another trick worked for me, which was suggested on the now-closed string.  We may need to follow it so our computers recognize the 735 and we can download the fix.
    Shut off the 735.  Open Garmin Express on the computer.  Attach the 735 to the connection cord "alligator clip."  Plug in to computer with USB connection.  The 735 will then automaticly wake up, and then it updated for me pre-9.70

  • This solution is not working on step 4 : 

    • Launch Garmin Express after device is recognized

    The device is not recognized anymore...
    Chrging, but not recognized (it was working fine before 9.60).

    Do you have any driver for Windows (with manual installation) ?

  • My device is now working - it can be switched on when I connect it to my computer (macOS 10.15) and it doesn't freeze when I eject it.

    I switched off my watch before connecting it to my computer and installing the update.

    Thanks for the update

  • My 735 updated to 9.60 yesterday with the same issues, although seemingly cleared by 'restore defaults', which also cleared all history.
    However, Garmin Express is now showing 9.4 as the latest version, not 9.7.

    How can I trigger, or force 9.7?


  • Update is ready to install on watch but next step is nog going !!!!

    Please fix i right Garmin !!!!

  • update ! i have to connect it a second time to garmin express. Now is seems to be installing the update.

  • Have applied the 9.70 firmware update; seems as if my 735's issues have been fixed and everything seems to be back to normal.

    Thank you.

  • +1

    Thanks for this update.

  • After the update to 9.60 the watch was having difficulty synchronizing with the PC via the USB cable and I verified that the time was not correct when set in auto-definition ..... with 9.70 the connection with the USB cable was fixed, however the time is still incorrect and the date is 05/18/20, but today it is 05/19/20 .....