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Forerunner 735XT SW 9.70 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile.

Change Log 

  • CIQ security fix
  • Resolves USB connection issue with 9.60
  • Absolute rubbish, this is the second update that just makes things worse. After following the Garmin advice I lost correct date and time. This is the first time that has ver happened. Had to stick the wach outdoos and start afake activity to get time and date back.

    Can you please test these bloody updates.

  • Exactly the same with my device:

    1. USB cable connection won´t work. I had to plugin the cable and restart the device nearly ten times until a connection to Garmin Express became true
    2. Time is incorrect. I had to switch to manual adjustment, automatically time doesn´t work yet.
  • Ok, so since I've updated mine to 9.70 the date and time are fixed to 18:18 May 20th.

    Everytime I soft or hard restart, it returns to this specifc date and time.

    Anyone else? What should I do?

  • Hello

    I purchased my 735xt on 30th April and it has been fine since then. I just did the software upgrade and my time is all wonky, being 3 hours and 10 minutes out. I am also finding that although the watch is recording my heart rate it is not passing the info on to garmin connect, eventhough everything else is.

    Any tips on how to resolve this would be appreciated Slight smile



  • I can affirm this. These "Updates" are jokes of drunken monkeys. No development seenin the last 10 years ... It started buggy and went online this. Did you guys source your updates out to India or wherever?

    Fix it right now, or ... You know, there are other companies out there.

  • 9.70 update on garmin 735xy doesn't install for me. Shut it down connect it with USB over mac but still doesn't recognize the device or even sign with garmin express. Any fix someone? 

  • never had issues like yesterday, GPS just doesnt work, running with my mate who has a fenix3 and running at same pace was 2 minutes difference??

    heartbeat was lower than in my couch and distance was over half a km different...  after 2km of running...

    bluetooth also aint working properly, need to erase the device fro the phone to sync.

    battery is draining faster than I can run.... i was used to a great battery life with this watch....

    how come these updates are pushed true and don't work properly?

    what are supposed to be the benefits of having 9.70?

    why cant Garmin reinstall the working 9.40 version?

    it is hell to go sport and not be able to rely on your device to record it...

    so dear GARMIN people....

    how can this be?

    how did it arrive at this point?

    What you gonna do about it?

  • I have no problems at all since last update !

  • I still have problem, i remove the device from the phone huawei and still cant update. i connect the garmin forerunner 735xt to the mac and freezes at the charging. Any solutions for 9.70???