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it turned off for me

good evening i have a forerunner 45 while i was running it turned off completely while its battery was at 60% i have had it for 2.5 years

  • Garmin Spain told me to send it to them to be fixed, but because it's out of warranty, they want me to pay EUR108.90. 

    It seems like a LOT of people have the same issue, with a +/- 2 year old FR45S. I told Garmin they should recall the products, or offer owners a free repair. Otherwise it seems like built in obsolescence.

    I'll post again if they reply. 

  • It's the 8th time it's turned off while I'm running and it's at 60% when I went to charge it the watch was about to fly

  • I have the forerunner 45 for 4 months now I have the same problem as others have while the battery is at 80% and the battery goes to 60% and you have an activity on the watch (running) it turns off I turn it on I go for a run and it turns off again after 10 minutes I turn on the watch and it shows 20% after 10 minutes it rises to 40% I go to put it to charge it shows 60% battery.

  • What I've found is if battery indicator says 60% don't expect a decent length run using GPS. My answer is always make sure there are 4 green bars before a run

  • I put the watch to the test over 5 hours at home in activity (running) without turning off

  • This is also happening for me -- over the last two runs, my watch has unexpectedly turned off when it has had 60% or more battery. When I plug it back in it shows that the battery is still at the same amount. 

    1) In what country are you located? US

    2) May we have permission to reach out to you via email? Yes

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  • It feels like this issue is happening with a lot of people, has anyone had any resolution.. should the product be recalled, just sucks I’ll likely have to buy an entirely new product after less than 2 years of use. 

  • This problem has been happening for 4 months now with the latest software version 5.40

  • Good evening, the battery is to blame, I installed the previous software version and it turned off while the battery was at 60%

  • my mistake for the software version (it's 5.40) and it turned off while the battery was at 60%