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Edge 130- random shutdowns and “ ride in progress” reboot?

Hey all- seeing a few people having  this issue: Since my 130 updated to 3.40 I’m getting random shutdown / restarts whilst riding- 3 in 25km today! Here’s what happens: 

From normal data recording , Devices flashes Garmin screen once momentarily, goes blank, then full Garmin screen startup. Cadence / speed sensors reconnect , then I get a “ride In Progress” screen. I have to manually restart data recording and lose whatever distance i’ve Covered during the reboot. It’s really annoying and it’s going back soon unless it’s resolved..

it COULD be related to periods of non-pedalling- I.e going downhill for a while... anyone have any ideas/ solutions ? Thanks!!!

  • I have already changed the speed sensor's, hr sensor's and cadence sensor's batteries and everything is all well now. if any problems encountered occured, ı will let you know. Since every devil things started with the speed sensor's low battery warning I've decided to change all of sensors' batteries and now the tests are all positive, no bad warnings have happened

  • Even after the updates I still get random reboots - the latest was today. Using all three sensors (HR, cadence and speed). It seems to be a built-in problem that nothing will fix.

  • The other problem I've had with the 130 Plus is that the gradient display gives up halfway through a ride and reverts to 0, even on quite steep climbs or descents. Anyone else had this?

  • The only random shutdowns I've ever had were caused by low battery, which isn't really random, just unexpected.  I solved that with an external battery pack in the winter. 

    The only try I can think of to correct reboots is a full factory reset.  Beyond that it's warranty or trade in for a refurb at a reduced cost.

    As far as gradient display, I only mtb and with the rapidly changing grades I gave up on that feature almost immediately.  It'd be cool to have a number, but my legs already know when it's getting steep!

  • Don't expect any help from Garmin. I gave up on the bug and I simply removed the cadence- and speed sensor from my bike. With only the Polar HR band (ANT+) and the Garmin remote control connected I never got any random reboot again.

  • Yes you are right this device doesnt have any capability of running three sensors together and so ı have got rid of the third sensor and now everything is well for about one year. I have used three sensors for about three months and the problems have occured every time

  • My 130 was just fine with speed sensor, HR, and remote.  Perhaps the third being the remote was ok because it doesn't transmit all the time.

  • Same here on Edge 130 Plus. The most annoying part is that, when it reboots, it does not re-start recording automatically (need to press the "start/stop" button) so you better realize it because you're missing to record! Plus, I always lose a part of the ride previous to the reboot, usually 10~20 km!

    This is extremely annoying from a device whose main purpose is to record a ride!

    I only have a power sensor (with cadence), which is ANT+ only. Cannot switch to BLE as some suggest! :(