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Edge 130- random shutdowns and “ ride in progress” reboot?

Hey all- seeing a few people having  this issue: Since my 130 updated to 3.40 I’m getting random shutdown / restarts whilst riding- 3 in 25km today! Here’s what happens: 

From normal data recording , Devices flashes Garmin screen once momentarily, goes blank, then full Garmin screen startup. Cadence / speed sensors reconnect , then I get a “ride In Progress” screen. I have to manually restart data recording and lose whatever distance i’ve Covered during the reboot. It’s really annoying and it’s going back soon unless it’s resolved..

it COULD be related to periods of non-pedalling- I.e going downhill for a while... anyone have any ideas/ solutions ? Thanks!!!

  • Same here - Occasional Reboots (approx 1-2x  in 21km ride) after Update to 3.40...

  • For me it’s related to the ant+ speed sensor. It reboots when the connection with the sensor isn’t very stable. It started with 3.40. See my other post.

    For now I bought a speed sensor which also supports bluetooth. When connected to bluetooth the problem seems to be solved. But I rather have a decent firmware with a stable ant+ connection.

  • I agree and have proved this is the problem- I switched back to my BLE sensor and no issues at all in75km ride - perfect. 

  • switch to a BLE sensor for ANT+ - problem goes away again! :)

  • If any of you have an ERR_LOG.TXT file in the Garmin\Debug folder could you post it?

    I would be interested in taking a look.

  • Same issue (but with 3.50). Mine just crashes, does not reboot by it self. Manually turning it on again it starts in "Ride in progress"-mode. After manually starting to record again it crashes within a minute or so. Continues like this until I'm done with the ride and save.

    Extremly frustrating.

  • Hey there- are you using  and ANT+ sensor or Bluetooth?

  • Just updated my 130 (about 9 months old) and it defaulting to the start screen twice today on a four hour ride. It then starts in the “ride in progress”mode with manual input.  When I down loaded the ride there were no gaps in the record. In addition it’s become troublesome to download via Garmin Connect, in spite of being connected. My cadence and heart rate sensors are ANT linked, not Bluetooth. 

  • I have been using my 130 for several months with no issues and yesterday had this happen after a long down hill. Version 3.70, no hub speed sensor, using a BLE power meter and an ANT+ heartrate (garmin watch). 

    It was 110km deep into a 130km ride and I lost about a kilometer of data. But the worse this it was at the start of a chop off and I got distracted by my garmin and dropped the wheel in front. So had to chase for about 5 kilometers to get back on. 

  • This morning during my daily commute I got my first random reboot during a ride. I own the 130 for a couple of months now, latest firmware 3.70 and 3 ANT+ sensors connected (HR via Garmin watch, Cadence, Remote control), Showed "ride in progress" and I had to press start. Datapoints during reboot are lost.

    I can't go to BLE completely as the Garmin Remote only connects via ANT+

    A bit disappointing for me as my Edge 25 never let me down in such a way...

    A file ERR_LOG.BAK was written in the DEBUG folder with a timestamp from the crash, contents:

    2909 (Edge 130) SW ver: 370
    Build Type: RELEASE
    ESN: 3352602936
    02/03/21 07:06:27
    PWR RST CTRL: 0x00000004

    Can anyone explain what this means?