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Edge 130- random shutdowns and “ ride in progress” reboot?

Hey all- seeing a few people having  this issue: Since my 130 updated to 3.40 I’m getting random shutdown / restarts whilst riding- 3 in 25km today! Here’s what happens: 

From normal data recording , Devices flashes Garmin screen once momentarily, goes blank, then full Garmin screen startup. Cadence / speed sensors reconnect , then I get a “ride In Progress” screen. I have to manually restart data recording and lose whatever distance i’ve Covered during the reboot. It’s really annoying and it’s going back soon unless it’s resolved..

it COULD be related to periods of non-pedalling- I.e going downhill for a while... anyone have any ideas/ solutions ? Thanks!!!

  • Brand new 130 with latest firmware has given me random reboots on my commuter bike and both my road bikes in less than two weeks. All my sensors are Garmin Ant+.

  • Using my Edge 130 for a couple of months now and have had one reboot during commuting until now. I removed my cadence sensor (type 1, ANT+) and speed sensor (BLE), right now I only use my Forerunner 35 as an ANT+ HR sensor and the Garmin Remote control (ANT+ only).

    If the 130 remains stable it's a firmware problem with too much sensors. Too bad, my Edge 25 was much more stable.

    My daily commutes are +/- 20 minutes for each ride, road bike season likely to start soon. I will keep sharing my experiences.

  • edge 130 plus, firmware: 2.60(2d4d851), GPS: 2.50, Sensor Hub: 0.06

    Sensors connected:

    stages gen 2 power via ant+

    garmin heart rate via ant+

    garmin speed via via ant+



    3558 (Edge 130 Plus) SW ver: 260
    Build Type: RELEASE
    ESN: 3333019973
    03/21/21 13:32:59
    errnum: 0x034
    r0: 0x1ffc9ca0
    r1: 0x20023530
    r2: 0x2003b5c0
    r3: 0x00003032
    r4: 0x2003e770
    r5: 0x00000000
    r6: 0x40558000
    r7: 0x2003b5c0
    r8: 0x00000000
    r9: 0x1ffc98d0
    r10: 0x20023530
    r11: 0x1ffc98d0
    r12: 0x1ffc99d8
    r13: 0x000003fa
    r14: 0x1ffc9780
    r15: 0x00011ce3
    r16: 0x000f119e
    r17: 0x21010000
    r18: 0x40000000
    r19: 0x00008200
    r20: 0x2004a838
    r21: 0x2004a838
    r22: 0x00000000
    Stack frame PC, SP: 0x0008e559, 0x1ffc96b8
    Call Stack - SP at 0x1ffc96b8:
    Uptime: 8426213

  • I had the same problem and error code in it. speed, cadence, heartrate snsor connected but I dont think this error is because of a sensor connection. It happened twice in a week. When I saw this happening edge was trying to download something via my phone after that ride in progress error appeared. I resetted the garmin edge and has stopped connecting my phone now there is no error. in old days before update 3.70 maybe you know garmin edge used to stop showing heartrate info while sending data into garmin connect. It seems something like that and a bug must be solved

  • The problem is not related to phone connection or downloading sth else from it. As I've said before I havent connected my phone anymore. Today again "garmin" on the screen "ride in progress". all the sensors even gps connection gone, and when pushed the start button all of them connected back. I use 3 sensor, speed, cadence, hrm. Beforehand I use only 2 sensor except speed sensor. while using 2 sensors I had no problem for 1,5 years. I now think the device is not sufficent to operate 3 sensors. this is the very new some bad ideas in my mind.

  • I agree with you. The problem occured for me after adding extra sensors, cadence (ANT+) and speed (BLE) together with HR (ANT+ via Forerunner 35). After removing cadence and speed sensors the problem was gone. My edge 130 is permanently connected via BLE to my Android phone so I don't think this is the problem.

  • Yes, I'm having the same experience. Commuting with only a cadence and speed sensor seemed fine, but adding in the HR sensor for road training led to a random shutdown just like the one ersinmart described.

    I'm now using my old Edge 510 for important rides as the 130 is too unreliable.

  • Same for me, I keep my Forerunner 35 running as a backup during important rides. My Edge 25 is stable as a rock but battery capacity is only for 3 hours...

  • And I gave it another try today on a road ride (therefore, three Ant+ sensors: HR, speed/cadence). The 130 Plus shut down spontaneously twice on the ride.

    A$300 is a lot of money for a Garmin that's not fit for purpose.

  • I upgraded my HR sensor to the newer Garmin Dual. I checked how it's connecting to the Edge 130 Plus and it's ant+, not bluetooth (and the 130 Plus doesn't allow you to choose, which is a disappointment) - nonetheless, so far I've had no random reboots, touch wood.

    I've had the occasional auto-pause while riding at 30+km/hr, though.