18.22 - Battery stuck at 100%

I updated my watch yesterday to the latest firmware. My battery at the time was a bit low so I figured I would charge it while updating. Left it to 100%

Did a short 10 minute or so walk yesterday with GPS, went to sleep, then another 30 minute or so walk this morning, again with GPS. After that usage I would expect the battery to have dropped at least 5-10%, but it has been showing 100% since yesterday, both on my watch face, and when I scroll through the glances.

I have tried restarting the watch multiple times, putting it back on the charger to see if it might "reset" the percentage or something. I am now downloading some music files over wifi (which normally knocks the battery down a few percent). Still seems stuck at 100%.

I saw a few other random posts from other users on the forum with the same issue, but all on different watches with various different firmware versions.

Does anyone have any insight? Is this a new bug? Could it be related to a watch face I might have downloaded? Is there anything to be done short of resetting the watch, which I very much would prefer not to do.

Edit: Well I tried yet another reboot, and now its showing 99%. So I guess at least thats better. It still seems off since I only put it back on the charger for a few minutes earlier, and based on the things I had done since yesterday, I expected the battery to have dropped at least 5-10%. I guess I will watch it and see what happens, but will leave this up in case anyone else is having this issue.