Map update stuck in download queue

With my Forerunner 965 I think I am hitting the Map Manager Issue reported in this closed thread:

My Forerunner 965 runs 17.26 and I have installed TopoActive Europe via Garmin Express which installed version 2023.10 and reported all Map are up to date. After the Install the Watch reports 16.5 GB storage left. According to 2023.10 is the current version of the Map however the Map Manager on the Watch says there is an update available and when I try to install it it remains in queued state.  

Answering the questions requested by Garmin support in the closed thread linked above:

1: Does your watch's Map Manager show "Update Available", but Garmin Express indicates that the maps are already up to date?


2: Does your watch's Map Manager show that an update is "Queued", but the update fails?


3: Are you experiencing something different? If so, please explain:

The watch's Map Manager shows that an update in "Queued" and is stuck there.

4: If necessary, may we have permission to reach out via email?


5: If necessary, may we have access to your Connect account?


6: In which country are you located?