heart rate values totally wrong after update 18.22

did a run today with my forerunner 955 (update version 18.22 from today):

first km slow: pace 6:04 min/km, av. heart rate 151

then 5 km fast with pace 4:51 min/km; av. heart rate 133 ?? (my common hear rate at that pace should be 180-190)
a sudden drop of the heart rate appeared approximately at the change of pace

  • Chest strap or optical measurement?

    If chest: verify if it doesn’t disconnected.

    If optical: was your watch tight enough? Was your watch in the right position on your wrist?

    Also, try restarting you watch.

    One time error could be an one time glitch due to an environmental condition.

    I using the 18.22 since beta release, with no behavior like yours.

    I’m always use a chest strap.

  • I don't understand the -1 vote to  answer. He put down meaningful notes and questions. Without clarifying further details, the information from the original post is unusable.

  • Thank you for the help,

    - In addition, did you warm up at all before the activity? I would like to see how your next few activities look as well. Let me know if the heart rate data still looks strange. If you are using a chest strap, make sure you are cleaning it properly (rinse after every use and use a mild detergent after every 5-7 uses).

  • Customers are complaining about poor performance of optical heart rate monitor in the watch. Please don't steer the conversation towards an external device. Just fix the damn thing!!!

  • did you warm up at all before the activity?

    Just curious: not doing a good warm up could change/affect the activity measurement so much that the HR drops so much when the pace rises so much?
    Today is my first day with 18.22 and it works great and I did not detect anything strange, but I ask because it caught my attention because many times I do not perform what would be a correct warm up and I have not had these problems with either the optical sensor or the chest strap. Thanks a lot!

  • A more accurate depiction of what HR data could like without warming up is pictured in The Heart Rate Sensor on My Garmin Watch Is Not Accurate. Look under "False Heart Rate Detection". 

    I'm glad that the HR data on 18.22 looks good for you so far! If you see any future concerns I am happy to look further into them, and I ask that you provide an example or two where you warmed up if possible. This gives us the best examples so we can rule out any possible limitations. You may not personally need to warm up before your runs at all (especially since it is getting warmer outside), it just depends on the user!

  • Same here! HR would not exceed 140, see the easy run the day before the update compared to the interval after the update

  • Interesting note on the cold weather stuff - so I guess for monitoring walking in the winter it's pretty much chest strap or unreliable data.

  • Thank you very much , really interesting. 
    I haven't really had any problems with HR readings either with previous firmware versions. Obviously when I use the chest strap they are more accurate, but I usually use the optical sensor in normal workouts where it doesn't matter much to track HR and the chest strap when I do intervals or other HR based workouts. In both cases the results were always consistent. I haven't seen cold weather affect me, but I haven't had workouts below 2 degrees celsius in the last while either. While I have not done 10-15 minute warm ups in running, I always have a minimum routine of at least 5 minute warm ups for any activity I do and perhaps that has helped. Whenever I use the chest strap I always dampen the strip of my chest where I put it and also the strap. This has always given me good readings from the start of the activity. Thanks again for the response.

  • I was sick for 2 weeks and rightly lost my training load, I started again on Monday with rope skipping using the cardio application (I don't use beta because I don't trust it) without an external band, I train at home at 21 degrees celsius . After 3 workouts consisting of 3 series of 10 minutes I went into overtraining, on Friday I switched to 6.22pm and used the jump rope application, very nice, still overtraining with a sprint effect, on Saturday using verity sense, always at the same intensity, 50/60 fewer beats and recovery effect, as I expected. Result: internal sensor unusable and all statistics altered, I don't think heating is needed at home, in any case if this were the case, Garmin should write in the specifications that to use their watches, you need to warm up, wear them by measuring your wrist and tightening it perfectly, instead of releasing beta candidates for release, which are then corrected, 3 or 4 times always candidates for release, once released they are still corrected like 17.24 in 17.26 and we'll see how it ends 18.22 still stuck at 20% clearly buggy