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High Heart Rate

Hey all, 

I had a two runs in the past week, with the last one happening last evening on a fairly easy run. My Heartrate should have averaged something in the high 140's with a max maybe in the 160's. However, at some point there was a change in my watch where the heart rate spiked up to 200's and 210's, with the lows being high 190's.

Nothing changed with the way I wore my watch and no change in effort. 

Has anyone else had this happen and had a way to fix it? 

  • Yes. This is happening . In 30 min run, HR remained either at 76BPM or more than 150BPM which was not correct. What to do please suggest somebody. 

  • Yes & Yes I need an answers on this asap.  USA

  • Yes, Yes, Wales/UK. My latest activity demonstrated this: in reality, a slow base hour recorded as tempo, spiking at 180+ within 0.6km. Nonsense of course. 

    Tends only to happen on slower/recovery type runs. Watch is positioned correctly etc. This has only happened over the last 3 weeks or so. Comforted it's not just me who has noticed this issue, my 955 is less than a year old so was worried.

  • PS - happy for you to look at my activity profiles as needed.

  • You can also check my activity. Yesterday for example was an easy run where hr was suddenly spiking for several minutes twice

  • Another firmwarw update, another easy run with a HR of 195+. This is increasingly frustrating. I'm grateful for the Garmin ecosystem and all of the daily metrics

    BUT the basic function of a watch should still work. Accurate HR is during an activity is an absolute must. For people buying this watch the other stuff is bells n whistles.

  • Everybody understand the problem. Easy run, incredible HIGH FREQUENCE. I'm bored to speak every time about the watch position on the wirst or other issue. We've a post of months and we've to wait the next update praying for the resolution of the problem. The HEAR RATE is the most important parameter to monitor during SPORT!!

    IF is not measuring well, please GARMIN admit this problem, and give up a motivation regarding this long time for solve the SW problem. WE are you customers...I'm a DEVELOPER & I Know what's the meaning for solve a problem. You've to inform US, is important for customer SATISFACTION!! WE'RE FRUSTRATED!!!

  • We are aware of the issue and understand the importance of fixing it. This has been escalated and is still under investigation at this time. I am very sorry for the frustration and will update this thread when I know more. 

  • Thanks for the reply. We’re confident to receive good news very soon

  • Same here. On a slow run wrist based HR suddenly wet up from 140 to 199+.