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High Heart Rate

Hey all, 

I had a two runs in the past week, with the last one happening last evening on a fairly easy run. My Heartrate should have averaged something in the high 140's with a max maybe in the 160's. However, at some point there was a change in my watch where the heart rate spiked up to 200's and 210's, with the lows being high 190's.

Nothing changed with the way I wore my watch and no change in effort. 

Has anyone else had this happen and had a way to fix it? 

  • I've had thee occasions in the past month where the watch showed in the 150s while my actual heart rate was less than 120. This had not happened in the prior 16 months that I have had the watch. Nothing that I can see that was different. My cadence was higher than the 150 so I don't think it was latched on to that. I tried tightening the band but that didn't seem to change anything. I'm now using a strap most of the time.

  • We've been tracking reports of inaccurate wrist-based heart rate data. Please answer the following so I can gather some more information!

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  • Yes! Yes! USA.

    The same issue happened again tonight.

  • Sure, 1-Yes, 2-Yes, USA


  • Yes, Yes, Australia.

    I have had several occasions of this happening, example, tonight while walking the dog my HR spiked into Threshold,

    When I got home I put on my old FR945 and monitored HR with both 945 showing 60+BPM while 955 showing 120+BPM.

    Took the 955 off my wrist,  then put it back on and HR started showing 60+BPM


  • 1. Yes, 2. Yes, 3. Sweden

    Inaccurate heartrate, usually higher than expected, when using wrist HR. Today’s run was wrist HR and the HR graph is clearly less ”spiky” than when using a HR-monitor. It looks like the watch assumes a HR and holds that value for a certain time before adjusting, rather than a constant adjustment. 

  • Same issue as original post. Actual heart rate should be around 140 but 955 is showing 200+.

    1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. USA. 

  • I have had this happen a number of times during some of my longer runs.

    HR jumps high and doesn't really come back down.

    If i take the watch off and clean the HR sensor then HR stays really low which is also wrong

    Only way i have resolved it is to go into the menu system during the activity and turn HR off and then back on again which seems to bring it back to normal

    I am based in the UK

    Happy for you to get in touch and view account

  • I have the same issue as well. 

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. USA

  • Check your recorded heart rate against your recorded cadence. If the jump brings the HR to the same number as your cadence, it'll be cadence lock.

    Recording HR using an optical sensor from an arm which is in regular motion is a hard problem. The algorithms used are complex and proprietary to each manufacturer.

    Essentially what's happening is that a frequency spectrum is computed and the information from the motion sensor is subtracted. Magic happens and the HR frequency is computed. However, it's possible for the algorithms to be swamped by a stronger motion signal and lock to that instead. Some types of artificial lighting may even affect things (eg. older fluorescent tubes, cheap LED lights) if they're strong enough.

    In most cases even the cheapest chest strap will outperform the optical sensor in the watch.