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FR 955 Series: 13.22 Bug: Structured Repeats -> Warm Up -> On, causes total crash and reboot

(Update on 2022-12-01, I installed 13.22 and the bug is still here)

I just updated my 955 Solar to 13.21 and I discovered a major bug. Using Run activity, I am trying to create a new Training -> Intervals -> Structured Repeats -> Edit Workout

  • First bug, only the option to add a Warm Up -> On/Off is there.  Cool down -> On/Off is completely missing.
  • Second and more important bug, when I try to set Warm Up -> On the whole watch crashes and restarts.

Oh my, this is only my second day with my new 955 Solar and I can not use it for my workout tomorrow :(

I know that I can make an actual Structured Workout on my Phone and transfer it over, but I really like to use the Structured Interval option to program something quick on the watch.  I have been doing that on my 235 which I guess I now need to resurrect.

  • All-

    Thank you for your participation in this forum thread.  So that I may assist you further, please reply with the following:

    1. May we, if necessary, have permission to email you?
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    3. In what country do you live?
  • To address the first bug mentioned here, this is actually an intentional change that was necessary.  When performing a structured repeat interval, if there is NOT a Cool Down step for the workout to progress to after the last repeat, the workout will continue an endless loop of repeats.  Therefore, a Cool Down step will always be present for this type of workout.  There will NOT be an option to remove this step (by design) for this type of workout.

    This will be reflected in the online owner's manual in the near future.

  • Hi  and thank you for the reply but I still don't think I follow. So let's say I want to have an open Warm Up followed by 6x (1mi On -> 2:00 Rec) what are you suggesting will happen after the last 2:00 Rec?  Enter some sort of "infinite loop" of "open" (until lap press) intervals?

    Also, my 235 has an option to add a Cool Down after the repeats, what am I missing here? Lastly, to make clear, the 955 doesn't have the option of Cool Down *at all*.

    Are you suggesting that the 955 will never offer a Cool Down interval at the end of a structured interval workout? 

  • The "Cool Down" step will always be present in the interval workout being performed on the watch.  There is no option to toggle the Cool Down off/on in the settings because it is mandatory.

    If there was no cool down step present for your 6x(1mi On -> 2:00 Rec) workout, it would not stop at 6 repeats.  It would continue the repeats until you stopped and saved the workout using the Start/Stop button.

  •  I just uploaded my 955's Garmin folder in a compressed zip file as you requested.

    Do you happen to have an ETA on the fix of this bug?

  • I see, thank you for explaining! I look forward for the crash bug to be fixed in order to test the new Structured Repeats!

  • Do you happen to have an ETA on the fix of this bug?

    At this time, I do not have any estimate on when a possible fix may be released.  I can share that, because I could easily reproduce the crash, the report was quickly escalated to the Engineering team.  When I know any more, I'll be sure to update this thread.

  • Just FYI, I installed 13.22 and the bug is still here.

  • It's really annoying that you can't use this important feature Thinking