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Battery consumption: initial observations?

i know it's probably way to early to start this discussion, but i figure crowd sourcing may yield some insights. in short, after very disappointing battery use, in particular smart watch mode endurance on my 945LTE, i have been hyperaware of how much battery use my 955 Solar is using. just overnight (8-9 hours), i was surprised to see it dropped 3-4%. it may be that the battery gauge is poorly calibrated, but so far, even though one would guess it has a larger battery than the 945LTE, i'm finding consumption not very different.

on the positive side, for my one activity so far, a 70 minute run with Multiband+All satellites, i used up 6% which right on target with spec. (basically zero sun since i ran before and just as the sun was coming up).

i'd love to hear other people's impressions and experiences as some of you have had the watch (just a bit ;) ) longer.

  • sounds like you've done all the homework for them. hope they can figure this out as i anecdotally think this is something related to battery drain issues people experienced with the 945LTE. thanks for keeping us posted.

  • i had the issue with gps multiband, no sensors. i dont have the issue every time tho. sometimes its fine even if i dont restart, but as soon as i notice battery dropping fast a restart fixes it.

    it may also be that it builds up over time if that makes sense, like a thing slowly using more and more battery.

  • Ive lost today 7% in all+multiband mode with music on 45mins run(~9% per hour), which i find nice. But while hiking in the same mode without music im always getting avg 6.5%/hour, which is not giving promised 20hrs for all+multiband mode. Could navigation mode on be the cause of additional usage (should be ~5%/hour imo) ? 

  • Charged lunchtime, one 30 min run with all GPS and music and 12 hours on lost 10% down to 90%

  • interesting data points. i've only done one Multiband activity, but i saw a drop of 6% for a 70 minute run. that could easily fit into the realm of your data (given the lack of precision of what is reported by the watch). i wonder if anyone out there has used DC Rainmaker's analyzer to see burn rates. i keep saying i should check it out, but my frugality keeps me doing it for just a simple exercise in curiosity.

    for All Satellites mode, i have much more data and i'm getting consistently 3% use for 60-70minute runs. (never seen 4%), so that to me is quite pleasing and seemingly even better than spec (31 hours). i've gotten that sort of consumption both with and without a Garmin HRM chest strap (ie, OHR for the times without it).

    your suspicion of navigation seems like a reasonable hypothesis. if i recall in reading reviews of the 945LTE, people have shown enhanced battery drain when displaying the map. are you showing the map when you are hiking?

  • Same issue for me. Large battery losses through the day and overnight. For both my watch and my Stryd pod. Haven't charged both so much since I got them (been using Stryd since 2017 with 935-945 and now 955 - on my second pod).

    Hopefully updates come out soon to fix issue rather than me having to remember to disconnect / reconnect Stryd.

  • Just to add to this again. 

    Charged mine to 100% on Friday. 

    Did a 50 minute walk with Polar Verity HR monitor connected on Saturday
    60 minute run with Garmin HRM Pro / Stryd / Tempe connected on Sunday
    2 x 20 minute commutes on my bike Monday with Garmin speed / cadence sensors connected
    3 runs last night, including 65 minute run (WU / CD), with HRM Pro / Stryd connected. 

    60% battery this morning as of waking up, and I've not restarted the device since the initial update to 10.10 firmware on the date of purchase 2 weeks ago. 

  • I was thinking it may have been the addition of the field for Stryd. My batter drain issue seemed to start around the same time. I am going to drop it and see if makes a difference. 

  • I started the day with the watch at about 90%. I did a 2.5 hour run with full multi-band GPS, course routing and per-second logging, with a no-name Chinese HRM strap (Ant+). Finished the run with the battery about 85%. Even though it was sunny, solar intensity probably only averaged about 15-20% over the whole session (according to the Solar Intensity Logger IQ app).

    This is exactly what I'd hoped for in this watch, and a major step up from the battery life of my Vivoactive3, which I had to charge every other day, and which struggled to last for any run over 2.5 hours without having everything "stock" and Bluetooth turned off.

  • Hmm, 3%/hour with all satellites sounds good. Got to make some runs in that mode, have been using all+multiband so far. When hiking - yes, i have a map with navi open most of the time. Maybe thats the cause :f