Pool swim workout countdown timer no alert

I regularly plan my pool swim workouts in Garmin Connect and schedule them in my training calendar. Today I noticed in the pool that in case of repeated intervals with fix rest times the watch neither gave the usual beep sound nor was it vibrating to let me know that the rest is over and the next interval had been started. It just suddenly switched back from the rest screen to the next interval screen after the rest countdown timer was over. I am now on beta 4.06. I am sure it was not the case in previous firmware versions. However, I am not sure which was the last firmware it worked properly in. It was vibrating and giving a long beep sound for sure when the countdown reached zero and the next interval started. I tried more custom workouts and the bug turned up with each of them, even with ones that I swam earlier without any issues. I also rebooted my device to see if it helps, but nothing has changed.

Could you guys check whether your devices suffer from this bug too? I think it is related to the new beta firmware, but maybe it is also present in earlier firmwares. Thank you!