[Fixed] Skiing is broken; Frequent crashes and restarts after 1 run.

Third time skiing with my watch, this time with the latest update hoping it would fix this problem but no such luck.

Whenever I try to ski with the watch, it seems to record one run and sometime after that it crashes and reboots into a “paused” activity state. No matter where or how often I try to resume the activity, it is not able to record any more runs without crashing.

Yesterday I was able to finish my second run and it crashed immediately after I got to the bottom, and rebooted into a state where it had lost the data from that run and paused as if I had just finished the first.

I ski in Colorado so elevation is typically above 9000ft

Technical details:

  • software version 3.30 (but this was an issue in 2.80 as well)
  • default data screens for “skiing”
  • 3D speed is ON
  • 3D distance is ON
  • GPS +
  • Power save timeout is normal
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