245/935/945/F6: most accurate Garmin Watch for Runners?

Hello everyone, this is my first post on Garmin Forums!

I'm a runner mainly competing in long distance races (half & marathons), upgrading from an old FR220.

My main concern is GPS accuracy : ability to track distance correctly, and measure real-time pace in a relative precise manner (some GPS devices seem to handle that better than others even though a footpod may also be considered). Not necessarily interested in firsbeat metrics. Music would be a nice to have though ;)

I’ve went through a lot of reviews, forum threads + conducted my own research on Strava (looking at tracked distance on recent Marathons & Half-Marathons).
So far my choice narrows down to the following devices:

- FR 235: by far most used device on Strava on long distance races and distance tracked seem simply excellent. Device is fairly old and may soon reach End-of-Support but is that an issue?
- FR 935: 2nd most used watch right behind FR235, often praised for its accuracy on reviews + forum threads. 
- FR 945: struggled at launch but latest firmware updates seemed to correct many issues w/ GLONASS. 
- FR 245: same as FR945
- Fenix 6 Series: reviews do not praise its GPS accuracy yet a lot of people report excellent real-time pace tracking with firmware updates. Couldn't find many F6 users on Strava, distance tracked seemed very good (about 300m off on average on marathons) but the sample was very small. 

I've been undecided for a while and would be happy to hear your feedbacks. 
Is there a general consensus on the most accurate device?