Cannot Update Wi-Fi Software to 4.01 (13.24)

I purchased a 945 LTE today (new, was still sitting on the shelf)

It had ancient software (version 2,xx) after setting it up via garmin connect and connected it to the wifi, I downloaded a spotify playlist and after that I received software 13.24... and killed the wifi.

I have removed the phone from garmin connect, did a complete wipe of all settings etc. but it just doesn't want to search for wifi anymore (within 1 seconded of searching it says no wifi networks found).

gps 4.04

wifi 3.00

ciq 3.3.6

bmx 10.0.4

I did enrole just now for the beta program but I guess that the software should work on an older model like the 945 lte.. the sole reason I don't wan't the newest stuff with all the bugfixes and stuff.