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Cannot Update Wi-Fi Software to 4.01

Pre upgrade to 7.07 Wifi was working fine. After the update the watch won't see any WiFi networks. Doesn't matter if it is 5GHz or 2.4, b or g, or open or closed. I noticed my Wifi firmware was stuck at 3.00. The latest firmware is 4.01. For some reason my watch is not getting that version Is there a manual download link for Wifi version 4.01 anywhere?

  • My watch is in some sort of constant update loop. I'm not actively using the watch and it prompts me saying it will do an update (probably the WiFi update) and it fails and it tries again, fails and tries again, et cetera.

    More people having the same problem?

  • Yes that is the same problem that is this threath. For now, switch off auto update on the watch, It will still update if you have had connected it to a computer, but it wont bug you if you are using it. There is a new beta firmware where the update list says it is supposed to tackle this problem but apparantly I am not included in the 15% roll out.

  • Yes, my screen cracked so I got a replacement device and has been caught in update loop ever since. Seems the updater didn't make the device go through the update steps version by version and the jump to latest expected an earlier version to update the firmware.  This is the kind of stuff that has been solved for a long time, so surprising we are dealing with this for so long.

    1. What is the current MAIN software version is on your watch? 7.11
    2. What is the current Wi-Fi software on your watch? 3.00
    3. What GPS software is currently on the watch? 5.11
    4. Do you have access to a desktop/laptop computer where you can use Garmin Express and or put the watch into mass storage mode (as a USB device)? Yes
    5. If yes on #4, are you on a PC or Mac? PC
    6. May we, if necessary, have permission to email you? Yes
    7. May we, if necessary, have permission to view/access your Garmin Connect account? Yes
    8. In what country do you live? Switzerland
  • All,

    Please see our recently released beta software for a fix addressing this report. If you prefer to not install this beta software, we hope to be rolling out a public software update soon, though I do not have a timeline for this release. If you are still seeing this issue after installing the beta software, please contribute your observations in the appropriate beta bug reports section of the beta forums for your specific device.

    Enrolling in Garmin Beta Software Program

  • when will the beta be rolled out 100%, I am not in the 15% :-)

  • you'd think all the people with open issue waiting could get first access 

  • Hi Kevin,

    I enrolled to the Beta Program but no update. What can I do?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Update via Garmin Express

  • Hi Andreas,

    What do you mean exactly?

    I connected my watch to my laptop and than it automatically ‘connects’ to Garmin Express. 
    It should then automatically update I presume?

    Or do I need to take specific steps once I connected to Garmin Express?

    Thanks in advance.