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Consistent single altitude drop during the training sessions

I use ForeRunner 745 and I noticed that for the past 2-3 weeks, unless I'm doing an absolutely flat run (along the beach), during each of the training sessions there is a moment when the altitude suddenly drops 30-100m and then it stays there and it's wrong so I have to recalibrate. I have Auto Calibration on and sensor is set to Auto.

I run with a friend who uses Fenix 6 with the identical settings and there are no problems with their device.

Is that normal? Expected? What should I try to fix it?

  • Hey Garmin - I’m having the exact same issue described here with my Forerunner 745. It started about 3-4 weeks ago for me. Seemingly at random during a running workout the elevation will drop abruptly about 300-400 feet, and then continue recording relative gain and loss from that new, inaccurate baseline. It will stay at that new, low baseline as well after the workout until I recalibrate it using gps, or start a new workout that connects the watch to gps. But then it drops again at some point during my run. Today it happened around 2 hours in where it dropped from ~7,000 ft to ~6,600. Is there a fix to this issue?

    I’m on software version 11.10.

  • I don't know if you signed up for the beta program, if you did, a few of us who got this problem after beta update 11.04, have reported the problem on the beta program, comment section. In fairness to garmin, they will get back on to you there. I'm still having the problem, and I just email them details, of when it happens, as they have engineers working on a fix, and I imagine they want as much info as possible. 

  • I'm having the same issue. Started showing up at the end of last week. I'm on software version 11.10, but the first two runs after updating from 10.40 to 11.10 did not have the drop. Every subsequent run after it first showed up has had the drop. The drop is 300-400 feet, and it's occurred within the first minute of the start of the activity and also waited until over an hour into the run.

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  • I had the same drop on my last run. Fr745 latest firmware. 

  • I had the same drop on my last run. FR745 latest FW.

  • The exact same thing happened to me just on one single run only, two weeks ago, using the 11.10 firmware. Right after starting the activity the altitude suddenly dropped from 85m to 60m and that difference affected the rest of the whole run activity.

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  • Same issue here. Today I had two bicycle trips and in both cases a large sudden drop in altitude. I live in the Netherlands. These large changes are impossible where I live. Everything is flat.

    This must be an issue around the auto calibration of the altimeter.