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Consistent single altitude drop during the training sessions

I use ForeRunner 745 and I noticed that for the past 2-3 weeks, unless I'm doing an absolutely flat run (along the beach), during each of the training sessions there is a moment when the altitude suddenly drops 30-100m and then it stays there and it's wrong so I have to recalibrate. I have Auto Calibration on and sensor is set to Auto.

I run with a friend who uses Fenix 6 with the identical settings and there are no problems with their device.

Is that normal? Expected? What should I try to fix it?

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  • Hi Kevin,

    Yesterday during my long-run I experienced another mid-run random auto-calibration of 36m gain at the 24 minutes and 16 second point in my run. For the record, yes you can email, yes you can view my account, and Germany.

    Would be really cool if one of the programmers could step-up and and code the auto-calibration function not to be allowed to operate when an activity is in progress. I do not think there is ever a case when it is desired to for an auto-calibration during an already on-going activity - it only creates bad data.

    Thanks_JameyS JS

  • I have the same problem and expect Garmin can fix that very soon.

  • Garmin sent me a replacement 745 to get my old one back as part of this engineering investigation.  I put the new watch into service on 22 Nov and all was good up to today.  Today I recorded the most wild elevation bug to date.  Attached is a picture overlaying the elevation plot of one of my regular run routes.  The light colored trace is data as expected.  The darker trace is today's run with the elevation "stuck" and stair stepping.

  • Yea, I think the Barometer/Altitude-Meter on the replacement 745 are completely broken. There were not even small up/downs as would be expected-completely flat. Can probably get that one put in the post-box for sending-back. Tell Garmin to try harder next time. 

  • Good luck with that :) It seems like they care a lot more about selling new devices than fixing this.. 

  • Today's hill repeats

    do you have any new updates on this issue to share?

  • Hi Kevin,

    This remains a problem - during my run today, my FR745 auto-calibrated in the middle of my run activity. As seen in the screenshot, the elevation drop from ca. 490meters to 413meters (around one-third mark) from one data-point to the next (3 seconds time). Would be really cool if Garmin would make it a new years resolution to get back and fix this software problem before the next update is released. To your questions, yes, yes, Germany.

    The run was out and back so the beginning and ending elevation should be about the same. Outside of the auto-calibration, the barometer/altimeter was very good and accurate.

    Thanks Jamey S (JS)

  • Still happening 5 months and two days since I first posted about it happening to my first watch

  • hoje, em outra atividade, apresentou um erro. Como uma empresa como a Garmin até hoje não se posicionou.