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Consistent single altitude drop during the training sessions

I use ForeRunner 745 and I noticed that for the past 2-3 weeks, unless I'm doing an absolutely flat run (along the beach), during each of the training sessions there is a moment when the altitude suddenly drops 30-100m and then it stays there and it's wrong so I have to recalibrate. I have Auto Calibration on and sensor is set to Auto.

I run with a friend who uses Fenix 6 with the identical settings and there are no problems with their device.

Is that normal? Expected? What should I try to fix it?

  • In fairness, at this stage if they offered me a 255 or money off a 9?? I'd take it.

  • I have noticed that even outside of activities/workouts, the altitude is usually off by around 100 meters, although I have auto-calibration enabled. The height is only corrected when I manually calibrate (either via DHM or GPS).
    Could it be that during an activity (where GPS is enabled), the faulty existing value (e.g. 630 meters in my case) gets overwritten by a new value (e.g. 530 meters) which is calculated because GPS is then active? This would explain the sudden drop in altitude which occurs during activities.

  • Any news yet? I find that we have been extremely patient. 

  • Hello,

    Can you please tell us when we can expect a fix for our altitude issue? I understand your company is currently busy promoting and polishing your new products, but we've been experiencing this issue for around three months. And these drops or increases in altitude are sometimes quite significant. Just look at the out-and-back run I did yesterday. Your customer support has contacted me already, and I sent the required photos and folders. Can we at least know how long we have to wait?

    Thank you very much for your fast response in advance.

  • We do not currently have any new information on this report just yet but hope to have something to address this in a future software update.  At this time, we do not have a timeline for the release of this future software update. Thank you for your continued patience with us while we work to investigate this issue.

  • That is extremely vague. Are you going to swap the defective devices for some that actually work? Or do you expect us to just sit back and accept that we paid big money for devices that does not perform as advertised?

  • After more than 3 months of knowing about this error, you are unable to find the cause and ensure it is resolved? I'm sorry, but I assumed that a big company like Garmin would be able to fix this problem quickly. I am very disappointed by your reply. It's really frustrating to have the record of every run corrupted like this. I would understand if you could at least offer an official download of the older software until the thing is fixed. I don't think the appeal for patience is enough.

  • If you would like to inquire about further options available to you, I encourage you to contact your local Garmin Product Support team directly.

    Garmin Product Support

  • I'm afraid I don't understand your answer. Clearly this is a global issue, affecting people in all parts of the planet and if Garmin can't resolve this centrally, how can local support help me? This affects all FR745's so exchanging for a new device won't help, I don't want another Garmin model... so how can they help me?

    Could you be so kind as to guide me on how to downgrade my watch to version 10.00? Until then everything was working perfectly. I would greatly appreciate it. 

    Thank you