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Won't Pair to Pixel 7

Brand new F55 and 1 month-old Pixel 7 which has never had any problem with my old F35.

I have tried absolutely everything but during the pairing process it always gets stuck at the "Completing setup of your Foreruner 55 device" and then reports pairing failed.

I have updated the watch via Garmin express to be on 6.04

I am on v4.63 of Connect

My phone is up to date with Android 13

I have:

  • removed F55 from Bluetooth,
  • factory reset the watch,
  • restarted the phone,
  • restarted Bluetooth,
  • entered pairing mode on the watch,
  • entered the PIN correctly,
  • retried, retried, retried 

NOTHING works.

What next? I don't want to synch by cable all the time.

  • Seems like you've done the recommended.  Here's a post from a few years back but it still applies. I would also suggest reinstalling the app after clearing the Bluetooth cache and restarting the phone. This should cover every possibility short of contacting Garmin Support - Android pairing issue - Garmin Connect Mobile Android

  • Hi Stompy,

    I assume you've fixed this problem by now but in case you haven't:

    I too have a FR55 and Pixel 7. Mine work fine but I did have a problem initially.

    My solution was to connect the watch to the PC using the Connect software and do the Firmware update that way. Since then, syncing and updating of the watch works fine with the phone and app.

    Hopefully this helps someone.