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Android pairing issue

hello my garmin instinct solar asks for a new device setup number every time its separated from the  phone

it is very annoying and wastes battery besides making many phone functions useless, like find my phone etc,

until you reenter the number!!

please help me i have gone back to using my old vivoactive because of this problem! thx!

  • There is a pairing problem with the phone and needs to be completely redone. Follow these steps and video:

    • Remove your Garmin device from the Garmin Connect App (Menu >> Garmin devices).
    • "Unpair" all Garmin devices in android Bluetooth settings. Settings >> Bluetooth >> Unpair
    • Do the same for any other nearby mobile devices that might have Garmin in its Bluetooth settings. A common issue for users that have a new phone or other mobile devices also paired to the same Garmin device.
    • Unpair from the app. Settings >> Apps >> Show System Apps >> Bluetooth >> Storage >> Clear Data
    • If Connect IQ is installed, uninstall it from all mobile devices
    • Reboot your phone, restart your Garmin.
    • On your Garmin device place into "pairing mode." Differs per device, on newer devices: Menu >> Connectivity >> Phone >> Pair Phone to manually enter pairing mode.
    • Pair using Garmin Connect Mobile app

    If issue persists, contact Garmin Support -

  • it worked great gramp!

    ive been testing all day and had no problems so far!

    you saved my faith in garmin!!


  • ok been a couple of weeks now and the problem is fixed!!

    i had tried several resets and pair / unpair to no avail

    but i think taking all other garmin devices off the bt list

    on my phone did the trick!

    again thx guys!