Won't Pair to Pixel 7

Brand new F55 and 1 month-old Pixel 7 which has never had any problem with my old F35.

I have tried absolutely everything but during the pairing process it always gets stuck at the "Completing setup of your Foreruner 55 device" and then reports pairing failed.

I have updated the watch via Garmin express to be on 6.04

I am on v4.63 of Connect

My phone is up to date with Android 13

I have:

  • removed F55 from Bluetooth,
  • factory reset the watch,
  • restarted the phone,
  • restarted Bluetooth,
  • entered pairing mode on the watch,
  • entered the PIN correctly,
  • retried, retried, retried 

NOTHING works.

What next? I don't want to synch by cable all the time.