Recover HRM pro data after watch crashed

My watch (enduro 2) crashed at the start of run and rebooted a couple of times. When I finished I saved the activity (4 secs long) is there anyway I can pull the heart rate etc. Data from the strap manually make the run with the data ?

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  • Probably you should get HR data from the strap synchronized it with GC on your mobile.
    Rest probably gone.

  • hi ,

    sorry to hear about your mishap

    first try the mobile suggestion done by 

    is there anyway I can pull the heart rate etc.

    perhaps Disappointed not tested yet if it works ! all untried routes !

    you need a new activity that is as long as the lost one would have been

    • you can or we can change the date/time from that new activity to the same date/time as the lost one had
    • create a fake activity with the watch just laying on the table or just while wearing it during daily activities for the same duration

    or we could just use and change the 4secs activity date/time to match the lost time ?

    I would take it as a loss and call Garmin Support telling them about the mishap

    happy & safe sporting

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I had a similar idea when I posted so this is what I've done. Unfortunately doesn't seem to have worked Disappointed

    First I synced HRM to Garmin connect, that saved my steps and heart rate .

    Next I went on Strava and downloaded a fit file from a guy I finished a few seconds ahead of.

    Then I uploaded that to Connect and imported it into my watch .

    I then went onto the watch and selected the activity that I had imported and pressed download HR. It searches ,downloads but it seems to get stuck on processing Downloaded HR data . I've tried a couple times and it just spins and spins . 

    Guess it's not possible:( 

  • hi,

    good idea Wink

    perhaps the issue(s) here are

    •  the other file does contain a different device id
    • when it also contains sensor data from a hrm-pro, the serial numbers do not match
    • or it only uses partial data from the strap that are missing on the watch, just a wild guess !

    downloading hrdata from a capable strap saves the data in folder tempfit /saf_hr/ on your watch , have a look for file

    • the file simply get's appended to the original fit file from the activity

    happy & save sporting

  • Thanks for all the help.

    Do you think I should edit the fit and attach the serial number of my device ? Or my heart rate strap .

    I do have the should I try combine the files together with the activity file on a site like gotoes

  • Do you think I should edit the fit
    • are you able to this ? otherwise we could do it for you ... pm me when in need for help Wink
    combine the files
    • no idea what gotoes does with the two files when they combine
    • it is not really combining what is needed but just appending Wink
    • but go ahead and try it out Thumbsup

    keep in mind that none of the training data is going to changed with the hrdata from your strap

    • only when your watch appends the hrdata to the fit file that some training data is updated

    happy & safe sporting

  • I will happily send you the file of the activity ive uploaded into connect and the HRdata file for you to have a play with, no idea how to do this though as this site doesnt allow sending fit files.