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Recover HRM pro data after watch crashed

My watch (enduro 2) crashed at the start of run and rebooted a couple of times. When I finished I saved the activity (4 secs long) is there anyway I can pull the heart rate etc. Data from the strap manually make the run with the data ?

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  • Probably you should get HR data from the strap synchronized it with GC on your mobile.
    Rest probably gone.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I had a similar idea when I posted so this is what I've done. Unfortunately doesn't seem to have worked Disappointed

    First I synced HRM to Garmin connect, that saved my steps and heart rate .

    Next I went on Strava and downloaded a fit file from a guy I finished a few seconds ahead of.

    Then I uploaded that to Connect and imported it into my watch .

    I then went onto the watch and selected the activity that I had imported and pressed download HR. It searches ,downloads but it seems to get stuck on processing Downloaded HR data . I've tried a couple times and it just spins and spins . 

    Guess it's not possible:( 

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  • Thanks for all the help.

    Do you think I should edit the fit and attach the serial number of my device ? Or my heart rate strap .

    I do have the should I try combine the files together with the activity file on a site like gotoes

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  • I will happily send you the file of the activity ive uploaded into connect and the HRdata file for you to have a play with, no idea how to do this though as this site doesnt allow sending fit files.