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Why does HRM Pro Plus not tracking RR intervals?

I got my new Garmin HRM Pro Plus and found it not tracking RR intervals (for HRV4Biofeedback and HRV4Training apps).

Totally disappointed.

How is it possible that the expensive 2022 heart rate strap from Garmin does not do that can cheap straps from 2012 (like Polar H7)?

May be are some hacks on how it possible to make Garmin HRM Pro Plus track R-R intervals?

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  • Phone or online chat will get you the fastest response. Email can sit, unanswered, for days. I like to use online chat. Then there is a record of what is discussed.

  • I just tried Elite HRV in android phone with HMR Pro (green) and it worked. Also worked with HR Monitor and Welltory, all showing HR + HRV (RR intervals).

    Is hour HRM Pro+ connected/paired and synced to your Garmin Connect phone app?