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Why does HRM Pro Plus not tracking RR intervals?

I got my new Garmin HRM Pro Plus and found it not tracking RR intervals (for HRV4Biofeedback and HRV4Training apps).

Totally disappointed.

How is it possible that the expensive 2022 heart rate strap from Garmin does not do that can cheap straps from 2012 (like Polar H7)?

May be are some hacks on how it possible to make Garmin HRM Pro Plus track R-R intervals?

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  • Can you be more specific? What is missing?

    If I understood this link right, R R intervals are basis for HRV analysis.

    Of course, Garmin HR straps support HRV analysis, including the HRM Pro (Plus). So what is your point exactly?

  • I use EliteHRV and SweetbeatHRV, For a while my HRM Pro worked fine with the apps. Then I started getting absurd readings using the HRM Pro with the HRV apps on my phone. My HR would spike to over 900 bpm and the HRV readings were all over the place. My strap is in great shape and I keep it clean. I tried replacing the battery, leaving the battery out for 30 minutes, installing that battery backwards and even un-pairing and repairing the strap with my phone. The HRM Pro works great with my Gamin devices. I don't know if it's an issue is on the Garmin side, the apps, an IOS issue or a combination of all the above. I finally gave up and bought a Polar H10 to use with the HRV apps on my phone and just use the HRM Pro with my Edge and Forerunner. I also have a current generation Wahoo TickrX and had the same problems.

  • All, not Garmin's HRV apps (Like HRV4Training , HRV4Biofeedback , EliteHRV , alphaHRV have to get R-R Intervals data from the chest strap monitor to make all HRV metrics calculations.

    The chest strap has to be quite accurate to be able to record R-R Intervals (not just HR) and have the ability to transfer R-R Intervals data to the app.

    The trouble with HRM Pro Plus is that it not sending RR Intervals to apps by bluetooth to the apps (Like HRV4Training, HRV4Biofeedback, EliteHRV, alphaHRV). I tested it on iOS and Android.

    I don't know if it is because of the low reading accuracy of Garmin HRM Pro Plus or due to some software limitations in HRV Pro Plus.

    , can you help find the solution? How is possible to make Garmin HRM Pro Plus send RR Intervals by bluetooth to the apps?

  • My HRM Pro does send R-R intervals to Elite HRV. I just tried it, three times.

    The problem, however, is that the connection seems to time out after a couple of minutes with no movement. The connection can be restored by "pinging" the strap against the chest.

    I tried to force a continuous connection by also recording a yoga activity with Strava on my tablet while Elite HRV was running on my phone. Unfortunately the connection with Elite HRV timed out again, lasting almost five minutes before quitting. Once again a quick ping restored the connection.

    So, it appears that the strap absolutely can send R-R over Bluetooth, but there is something about the connection protocol that causes the strap to give up after a few minutes without motion.

    Who should be blamed and who should fix it? I don't know.

  • Just checked with HRV4Training. No problem at all taking a one minute measurement over Bluetooth.

  • I have trouble with HRM Pro PLUS (white strap, not previous version just Pro without Plus - yellow strap like you have)

  • Ah, OK, apologies. I do have the older strap. But I thought they were functionally identical, running the same firmware.

    Maybe when you are on the "Connecting" screen you could try tapping or pinging the strap and see whether it wakes up.

  • I have trouble with HRM Pro PLUS (white strap, not previous version just Pro without Plus - yellow strap like you have)

    Like eezytiger wrote: That is technically the same device, running identical firmware. Only difference (beside the color) is, that with the „Plus“, you can change the battery without using a screwdriver.

    I don't know if it is because of the low reading accuracy of Garmin HRM Pro Plus or due to some software limitations in HRV Pro Plus.

    None of that.

    Sending HRV aka R R data over Bluetooth to „compatible devices and apps“ is even a product feature advertised, see here (in tab „HRM comparison“):

    Supports heart rate variability (HRV) - all devices

    Transmits real-time heart rate and supports HRV via BLUETOOTH® technology to compatible devices and apps - Dual, Pro, Pro Plus

    This is, why I was irritated at the start of the thread.

    So if it does not work with your device, it could be a bug.
    My tip would be, not only to write here in the forums, as this is NOT the official Garmin support.

    Instead, contact [email protected] directly and complain about, that an advertised feature does not work for you. Maybe you will get a replacement or maybe it is a general bug and will be addressed to the developers then (which might not be the case, if you just use the forum).

  • No answers from [email protected] neither here. How is it possible to get support from Garmin?