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HRM Pro Plus problems syncing

Hi there!

I'll try to explain everything the best I can.

While I'm running, everything works fine. I get all the data without any issues. When I'm done with the workout (run) and it's time to sync, problems happen. The strap itself doesn't automatically download the data and merge it with the data from the watch. If I just let the watch sync the activity with Garmin Connect, the trainning effect reported on the watch is not the one calculated with the strap data. How do I know? Because when I go to the activity (on the watch, once it has synced the activity with Garmin Connect) and make it download the HR data stored, it changes (the new report I get is more in tune with what I would expect from the workout). So, up to this point, the HR data doesn't automatically sync. After downloading the HR data (again, once the activity has been synced with Garmin Connect) and updating the activity on the watch, I get a new activity on the Garmin Connect feed instead of updating the previous one.

Now, I'll talk about what happens if I download the HR data just when I finish the workout. Once I'm on the summary screen after the workout, making the watch download the HR data makes it so that the watch doesn't sync the activity with Garmin Connect. I have to connect the watch to the computer and use Garmin Express to make it sync it and have it displayed on the feed. (Without doing this, not only do I not get the activity itself, but any data whatsoever in regards to steps or any other metric on the kind)

For context, I use it with a Forerunner 745.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. :D

  • You only need download the data after an activity where the watch and strap have been separated. If you’re walking, running, cycling  where the strap and the watch are always connected the data is recorded throughout the activity and saved when you stop and save the activity. 

  • This should be the case, but it is not. I am having the same issue. I get all the running dynamics from the HRM Pro, however it doesn't seem to automatically sync the HR data. Activity summary will say one thing, then if I select download HR data, the activity summary will change (usually more anaerobic as I guess the watch sensor has been under-reading HR).

  • Is the HRM-PRO paired to the watch correctly?   I have an HRM-PRO (Not Plus) paired using ANT+ with my 745 with no issues. I also have the 745 paired with a STRYD using ANT+ at the same time. Check under Sensors & accessories on the watch. There is a status section to verify connectivity.

  • Yep it's paired correctly, double checked before my run today as well. As I said it syncs over all the advanced running dynamics, and you'd presume the HR too. No signs it hasn't. But if you download HR data again then the numbers change. It's very odd. 

    Maybe I'll unpair and start again...

  • But if you download HR data again then the numbers change. It's very odd. 

    So, you’re getting HR data when you save the activity but when you download the HR data afterwards the data related to training load etc changes?

    If this is the case it’s a recognised outcome when you do that. The simple answer is don’t download the HR data separately after an activity that has recorded the data from the strap. 

  • It's properly paired with your Forerunner? When it is, the HR data used in the activity is from the strap, as well running dynamics. Check it and connect the sensor to the watch if not.

  • Same here with latest firmware on forerunner 955... after download hr data from hrm-pro only syncs after reboot the watch or sync it with wifi.

  • Similar issue using F6 Pro and Pro Plus strap.

    So far, the HRM Pro Plus has demonstrated an ability to track basic stats and sync to GC app outside of an activity whilst away from the watch but once reconnected the watch will not True-up the steps. The watch carries on counting steps with no change on GC app until the watch has caught up with those provided by the strap on its own. So the strap will send basic data but the watch will effectively deduct those steps by not changing the steps in the GC app until it has caught up. In short, do not expect a revelation in step counting by using the strap.

    What does this mean for those who can't wear a watch during an activity? You can start an activity on the watch and then leave it in your kit bag away from the strap. Post activity, you can stop the activity on the watch and download the HR data from the strap. However, I cannot get that activity to sync in any way other than Garmin Express. I have tried deleting the strap from GC app so that it's only connected to the watch but that made no difference. 

     I will test again with an F7 series watch next week. Note that our HRM-Run operates flawlessly using same watches/ phone etc

  • Further investigation revealed a corrupted Bluetooth connection between watch and phone. After three repairings of the watch, a stable pairing provided a solution and the HRM Pro Plus operates as it should.

    It's worth remembering that the GC app will report that the watch is connected and syncing when WiFi is available, even if it doesn't have a Bluetooth connection.

    Somewhat concerned because the watch's Bluetooth connection to the phone showed no hint of a problem prior to the pairing of the strap to the phone.