How to disable HRM PRO Running Power?

i am a stryd user and do not want to use the different running power from HRM PRO.

Where or how is it possible to disable running power on the HRM Pro? I want my stryd running power back..


  • no good solution from garmin:

    either you use stryd, or you use HRM PRO but then i also had to delete the stryd iq app datafield..

  • Hey

    Played around with it and found 2 solutions:

    1. When pairing the HRM PRO with your smartwatch, choose 'External Heart Rate' when pairing, not 'Search for all'. This will pair the HRM PRO just as a Heart Rate monitor and does not record all the other running metrics which results in the conflict with Stryd.

    2.If you want to pair the HRM PRO in its 'totality', not just as an External Heart Rate' that is fine, just change the connection type from ANT+ to BLE. This will result again in disabling all the other running metrics which results in the conflict with Stryd.

    Hope this helps.

  • was not working for me: TrainingPeaks showed Average watts correct, but lap Watts was zero...

    and sorry..thats just a workaround and for not techic geeks almost impossible

    => fix: implement a enable/disable button in the garmin connect app for the HRM PRo for power 

  • Ran this morning with the 945 LTE and a Coros Apex Pro. Both connected to HRM Pro and Stryd.

    Coros supports Stryd aithout the need for additional plugins. So this was my baseline device.
    Ran a training from TrainingPeaks.
    Coros stable as always.
    945LTE showd watts that have been way off the stryd data. So it was displaying the watts off the HRM Pro.
    Interestingly the 945 recorded both sources: Stryd via IQ and natively from the HRM Pro
    TrainingPeaks ignored the data from the HRM Pro after the import of the Garmin fit file.

    Willl try the suggested approach from  tomorrow morning 

  • Just curious, has anyone used the HRM Pro on the treadmill for pace and distance? If so, how did it work out and how does it compare with STRYD?