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New HRM Pro ‘Plus’ strap

Anyone got any info on the new ‘plus’ HRM Pro strap. 

feeling very short changed after buying the current HRM Pro alongside my 955. Only for garmin 2 weeks later announce a new strap!!! GRR

  • My wife and I are both have fairly new HRM-Pro's.  We normally rotate between 2 or 3 Garmin HRMs (much like people do with shoes), and soon will be getting Plus' to rotate in primarily for swimming.  Our much older red and blue ones are nearing retirement.

  • And finally Garmin admits that its straps have a faulty battery compartment by changing it to the new Hrm Pro Plus!!! Too bad that in the meantime I had to change 3 bands out of warranty, spending almost like a new watch. Now finally to change the batteries no screws to unscrew, no o'ring to reposition or replace, no sealant to apply, otherwise after a short time from the battery change they were to be thrown away. Let's see if this new one solves the problem.

  • Had the same issue but then found that the Pro Plus will not be sold in Australia.  Firmware upgrade makes it basically the same monitor but the better way of changing the battery was a good selling point for me