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Dropouts HRM Pro firmware 8.10

Since updating my HRM Pro to 8.10, I am now very regularly (every run - multiple times) getting HR dropping to low zone 1 even though I'm running tempo or threshold. After a few minutes it usually picks up the right rhythm, but means the HR data is garbage.

Anyone else seeing this unreliability since the firmware update? It was absolutely spot on before!

  • I've had this since 7.10 firmware.  Seem 8.10 hasn't fixed it.  Had to go back to BLE in order to maintain a stable connection but then you loose running dynamics data.

  • Mine was also spot on before FW 8.10. Now I get a dropout for 2-3 minutes in the beginning of my runs, then it seems to gradually recover and stays stable for the rest of my workout. Funnily enough, my 1st gen TICKR X that I upgraded from had the exact same issue, except it recoved in a more instant manner. And yes, I always splash some water on the pads before putting the strap on.

    EDIT: In my case, it may have been the battery. A few workouts after the update, the status changed from 'OK' to 'Low'. I haven't tested the strap enough with a fresh battery to say with certainty that the issue is completely gone, but it might be.

  • I have been seeing similar issues since the 8.1 upgrade. Never had an issue with 7.4. Dropout today during a recovery interval: flatlined at 71bpm for 2 seconds then ramped to actual HR over the next ~8 seconds. I was also getting a lot of spikes when I took the strap off to wash it so now I leave it on the bench to power down before I wash it.

    Is it possible to downgrade to 7.4 again? How?

  • I have the same issue. Please see below pictures for the dropouts. Indoor Rides it's almost always after 20mins.!AvqyPn7HmZNSge1TyBBadD0jbP2NUQ?e=rR5IRA!AvqyPn7HmZNSge1UEXIVoHT-EbaTyA?e=iCkb8s

  • I've just got a HRM Pro (to have a play with the new running power with the 955) and I had a dropbox on exactly 5min marker - where it stated it was still connected, but nothing was being received. Unpairing and re-pairing got it working it again.

    Very odd!

  • Probably they worse example of this garbage HRM yet!  I do wonder if it is even worth wearing sometimes!

  • Mine is even worse. Is anything being done about this?

  • I have similar issue with my HRM-Pro, but only when I’m using it with Fenix 7.
    I was using the same strap with Fenix 6 and never had any issues with connectivity and readings from the strap.
    Now with Fenix 7, I have lack of run dynamics up to 2 minutes, one day everything is visible from the beginning of activity, other day after couple sec, sometimes almost 2 minutes.
    I’m always checking connection between watch and strap, before I start activity.

  • Mine has been rock solid with my Fenix 6X Pro Solar and my Zwift PC (cycling), both using ANT+.

    With Zwift on my tablet (virtual run), using Bluetooth, I do see communication meltdowns from the strap at times, but suspicion should fall equally upon the tablet, perhaps more so, since the strap isn't the only connection to play up with the tablet. I haven't run for several weeks, so I don't have up to date experience, but it was flaky before and since installing 8.10.

  • Mine, together with Fenix 6X was also solid, problems started with Finix 7X I bought couple months ago.