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Hrm Pro and Run are unusable after first change of factory battery cause the sudden discharging of all new batteries

After that to ALL of mine straps owned, two Hrm Run and now a Hrm Pro, has happened the same thing, I'm sure of that: after changing factory battery the strap drains all brand new battery that you put in in a few hours or days or little more but there's nothing to do, it's like they were short circuited on the strap, when you wear the first time all seems working then the battery get discharged. I tried everything, even put the battery on reverse side for a while but there's nothing to do. I'm sure that Garmin is aware of this problem cause on the web there are many cases like mine, I also suppose it's done on purpose otherwise it's unesplicable how this happens and how they didn't fix it. You can change under warrenty the first time but at the end of two years you are forced to buy a new one since the factory battery lasts 1 year. For me this situation it's a shame since that this are very expensive devices, next time I think I'll buy a normal strap from another brand giving up to running dynamics and other features.

  • My HRM Pro is now garbage, too. A few days ago the readings seemed a bit too low. Next day the strap lost connection during my run. Back home I checked the battery, only a few weeks old, 2.89V. I put it back, the strap connected again. Two days later before my run, no connection. Battery out ad back, connected again. After 1km I had to continue my run with the oHR of my FR245... Back home I replaced the battery. I went ot for a short walk. The strap told me after a few meters on a flat way that my HR is 145bpm... 10 minutes later it was around 100bpm. More realistic. But only for a short time, then it was back to 145bpm. Back home I took out the battery, it had 3.04V. I put it back and also struggled with the red gasket that jumped off. The first time it happened. The readings were still way off. Sitting on a chair with 95bpm while my blood pressure monitor said 78. A sports app on my phone via BT showed the same ridiculous values. Yesterday before my run the strap didn't connect again. I removed the battery, now at 2.84V, put it back, struggled with the gasket and laughed about the 90bpm while sitting on a chair. Did my run with oHR. The strap is less than 1.5 years old, a few weeks ago was the second battery change. One thing I noticed: the lid is bent. Even when it's screwed properly there is a gap at the long edges where you can see the red gasket! I don't know if it was all the time like that. I didn't use hot water etc. So obviously moisture came in through these gaps and a weak gasket. I already contacted Garmin. My two HRM Run were replaced for free. They died after 2-3 battery changes.

  • Same experience with my one. It so bad customer experience how they manage this product

  • Garmin Germany will replace my broken HRM Pro with a HRM Pro Plus, for free.

  • It so bad customer experience how they manage this product

    You can't blame Garmin for something the customer does. Granted the design might not be the best, hence the change to the Pro+ and different access to the battery, but not everyone has problems changing the battery.

    Garmin Germany will replace my broken HRM Pro with a HRM Pro Plus, for free.

    And not the first time Garmin has done this. Have you contacted Garmin Support?

  • I contacted Garmin Friday night, today they answered my mail that they'll replace my broken HRM Pro. I had to click a link to put the new HRM Pro Plus into the cart and start the shipment.

  • I think this will be also a path for me. 6 different batteries checked with strange issues just to read it's pretty common issue... Sad. I'll call for Garmin service then.

  • garmin is just a huge SCAM

  • It is not scam, but Garmin should warn people that this product's battery cannot be changed by customer .. Same as watches/phones with batteries that cannot be changed by customer..

  • it is obvious that they were aware of this problem long before releasing the product. how I WAS SAYING...SCAM

  • Actually resolution for my case is to buy new one... As I am a month after guaranteed 2 years. There is no official service for HRM Pro so I should try to find "some" service on my own or buy a new one... This is a huge minus and yes, Garmin should warn about it.

    So one Pro tip from me. If you are getting close to 2 years on your guarantee, send it for service in case of... Slight smile