Stride Repeats in Garmin COach


I am doing a Garmin coach Half Marathon training with Coach Greg

One of workouts is Stride Repeats, where there is a warm up of 15 min and then watch ask for Lap button press to do a stride run (20 sec run / 45 secs jog)

My Fenix 5x plus doesn't start the stride runs after the warm up, because when I press lap / back button they just quit to home screen

Is this a bug? Is there a way to fix it?

Thanks a lot 

  • Strange. I do the same training program and I have not ever see this problem. I do a single press on the Back-Lap button when I am ready for the intervals part. e.g. after the warm up. Is the Lap Key "on" in the Run settings? I assume if it's not, the the functionality is "back" and not "Lap"