Neo2T power supply - will a GSM40B48-P1J substitute for a GSM40B48-P1LTE?

The male jack of my Neo 2T power supply is damaged (because it sticks out of the back of the machine in a way that makes it very easy to knock when walking past). Garmin's own replacement power supply is an absolute rip-off, priced at £63 (UK pounds). 

The power supply is a 48V 0.84A one, with the ID GSM40B48-P1LTE. Various online sources have similar PS units available for around a third of the price, with the ID GSM40B48-P1J, e.g.

I'm wondering if this will work. It's exactly the same power spec. so my only worry would be whether the jack is the same or functionally the same. I've a feeling that the P1J / P1LTE bit may refer to the jack type, although they look identical in pictures.

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  • You're a genius, not only does my new power block now work, my damaged jack started working as well on the original block when I tried it even though part of the jack had snapped off. Thank you, you have saved me a lot of stress and money. I won't be leaving the jack in again when not in use! 

  • Sounds like you did  exactly the same thing as me - trip over the cord and rip the jack out in a way that damaged the jack and also bent the springs in the socket. I did sort of manage to get the old jack working in the socket again after bending out the springs even although a bit was broken off, but it was very temperamental (it needed to be rotated around at a certain angle). With the new jack and the socket springs bent back it's perfect again. But yes, removing the jack after use has now become part of my routine.. ;-)

  • I have just bought a P1J and the plug is too wide for the trainer.