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vivoactive 4/4s SW 4.00 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log v.4.00:

  • Fixed a possible battery drain with Bluetooth
  • Enabled heart rate during swim activities
  • Added speed fields to standup paddle boarding activity
  • Improved calendar user interface
  • Improved weather forecast timezone handling
  • Added vertical speed fields to run and bike activities
  • Fixed an issue with GPS turning on for all Connect IQ apps
  • Fixed a possible crash with WiFi
  • Fixed an issue with treadmill calibration not working
  • Fixed an issue with incoming call notifications not dismissing
  • Improved the number picker user experience
  • Increased the amount of data shown in Body Battery and Stress widgets
  • Added support for abnormal low heart rate alerts
  • Added heart rate graph to activity summary
  • Just gave this a whirl! Here's some feedback:

    The new calendar user interface doesn't seem to be working well for me: The main screen has two icons (a clock with a clockwise arrow around it and an ellipsis) that don't mean anything to me and don't do anything if I tap them, and I'm not seeing names for my events (just times), either on the main screen or if I tap on the time to see more details about the event.

    Entering a low heart rate alert is a little fiddly. Let's say I want to enter 70. I press 7 and then 0, and it says "enter a value 60 or below". I decide to enter 60, so I press 6... but now I've entered "06", so it says "enter a value 40 or above". I ignore it and press 0, and everything is fine, but that second error is confusing. I'm not sure if this falls under the new number picker user experience or the low heart rate alert feature, but it could be improved by just clearing the input after I get the first error.

    Happy to see the Pulse Ox graph is now showing heart rate! Unfortunately, the bottom of the heart rate axis is always 0, which squishes the data so it's hard to see much range. Can you make it auto-scale the bottom of the axis as well as the top?

    There's something weird about the Body Battery graph. It says "Last 15 Hours", and right now is on the right, but if I swipe left, it'll let me scroll past now to what looks like the end of the day. This happens on both the plain graph and the "With Stress" one. (Also, if it's relevant, I just factory reset my watch an hour or so ago, so I don't yet have 15 hours of Body Battery data on it.)

    Super excited about the heart rate graph in the activity summary! That's basically the first thing I dig up in Connect once my activity syncs.

    It looks like the "Move!" alert has changed to a friendlier "Time to stretch and be active!" -- that's nicer.

  • have solved the transfer of custom workouts from Garmin Connect? .. and the HR problem that increases when Cardio is launched?

  • Fixed a possible battery drain with Bluetooth

    yeah.. waiting for this... finger crossed to see its installed

  • I would like to give this a whirl, but unfortunately it seems Express is locked onto the same phased schedule as Connect. The statement is incomplete I've installed Express to no avail.

  • I was hoping that my lack of weather data would be fixed, no luck there.

  • This update seemed to break the watch face colors.  I am using the watch face with both numbers on the right side, and after the update they are both white.  If I try to edit the watch face and choose a color, when I scroll up or down (to what used to be different colors), they are all white.

  • Unplugged at 9.30am, noticed prompt to update,rebooted etc walked the dog (no GPS) then 1:15 cycling with GPS and now 2pm and VA4 at 6%, so far very good.

  • I've just installed this update yesterday. Now it seems at least the battery drain issue is solved. Now I'm back at 15% of battery consumption per day on a normal use.

  • I can confirm this: battery is normal now. Thanks for solving.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue