Anyone happy with their Vivoactive 4?

I have just ordered a Vivoactive 4, and am waiting for delivery, so I thought I'd check these Garmin forums now that it's too late to change my mind (yes, yes, I can always return it). 

Now, as an owner of many Garmin bike products, I realise that most people's motivation for getting onto a product forum is to discuss issues they are having, but it is making me nervous reading some of these posts while waiting for delivery.

Is anyone actually happy with their Vivoactive 4?  Does it meet your expectations of a AU$549 smart / sports watch?

  • VA4 is my first garmin product and first smartwatch and I'm quite happy and satisfied with it after a month of using. There are some problems, but they are rather software problems which will be fixed in coming updates, like vo2 max not calculating or volume down through headphones not working. Some people are having problems with battery, but since the beginning I'm getting solid 5-6 days of usage with 2-3 trainings with GPS. 

    There was one thing which bugged me for the period I could return the watch: the display quality. In the outdoor it's perfect but indoors it looks really bad. Besides after my purchase few reviews pop out on the internet with venu and it turned out that despite it's amoled screen the battery is not that worse than va4. BUT its price is a little higher. 

    Anyway after a month: the display is ok, this is a sportwatch, that's why I bought it, it looks perfect in direct sunlight and bright environment :) The venu is more expensive and has less battery life (yes, not significant, but that counts as an argument). So I'm good with it.

  • I'm quite pleased with it.  I'm not a runner, so I can't comment much on those aspects ... but it's tracked my walks fine and strength & aerobic activities without a problem.

    I have a few gripes about the UI (specifically some of the colors), but no deal breakers.

  • If you are an amateur and perform multiple sports like myself (Swimming, Indoor Rowing, CrossTrainer (missing step length setting here) Indoor Cycling, outdoor Mountain Biking, sometimes Nordic Walking and hiking. The VA4 concept is great, if you, in addition suffer from apnoea, it is perfect.

    I wrote "concept" on purpose as the product is not ready yet and Garmin does, what seems to become current practise: They use paying users as beta testers.

    This is my 2nd Garmin and if the fix the issues it will not be my last one, if not...

  • For me i would say it's a mixed bag.  when the watch works without issue, it's great and I am able to get 5 full days of 24/7 HR monitoring and 30min GPS workout each day. when it comes to GPS, it picks up signal really fast so you can jump right into your workouts.  also, the seamless sync with runkeeper was a plus as that was my primary running app prior to getting a garmin and now i don't have to worry it as all workouts show up automatically.  the always on display rocks and sunlight visibility is second to none. 

    when it doesn't, it's pretty frustrating.  I've had mine for about a month now and considering it's the first production batch, there was bound to be some issues as i'm basically beta testing for garmin. the issues i've had include random crash while checking multiple notification at the same time.  there was also random high battery drain.  the most recent issue revolves around HR sensor suddenly stopped working after I took it off the charger.  the HR sensor remained off and not functional for few days and I tried resetting the watch few times plus plugging/unplugging it off the charger.  i was about to send it back to garmin for a replacement when the HR sensor turned itself back on a few days ago.  so far it's still working but I really have my doubt about the quality of the first batch.

  • Don't buy it!    Went for 15 mile bike ride on first use, worked very well.   Next day, I couldn't load the bike app at all!   It was gone from the watch!   Music worked very well, but I can play music on several devices on my bike, so this thing is going back to the store- PRONTO!

  • I'm happy

    I use it for swimming & walking with music, 3 times a week each and 

  • On thing to keep in mind with questions like this, is when people post in the forums, it's usually because they are having an issue.  So there could be thousands that are happy, but don't visit the forums and post.