Venu 2s - extremely frustrated/disappointed with battery life - feel like I have tried everything - help?

No matter what I do, including battery saver mode, I cannot get the battery on this thing to last as much as even 24 hours. Predicting the usual suggestions - I do not have an "always on" display. I did not use the GPS or music at all yesterday not even for a moment. I tracked 2 exercises for a total time of about 40 minutes.

Example yesterday - charged to 100%, used it regular during the day (NOT "always on" display, low brightness, medium screen timeout), had it on battery saver mode periodically throughout the day for a total of about 5 hours and regular mode otherwise, it was about 35% when I was going to bed (so already 65% depleted in about 12 hours despite some time in battery saver mode), I put on battery saver mode for bed, it said 2-3 days, I went to sleep with it in battery saver mode, woke up with 10% and it's now dead 2 hours later.

Is mine defective or is this really how a $400 watch is supposed to perform? Since getting it a week ago, I've had my Fitbit Versa 2 on my other wrist. I've had to charge the Garmin daily and the Versa 2 once. I know the Versa 2 is older tech, but if I have to disable every advanced feature of the Venu 2 (i.e. battery savery mode) then the Versa 2 becomes the more advanced device simply because I can use it. Please help!

(Side note, I don't understand the stress tracking - during a time I was having a serious anxiety attack (heart pounding etc.) it shows me as "resting" but sometimes while I am asleep it shows my stress as elevated. So again maybe this is a feature that the Venu 2 only has in theory but not with real world use.  But the battery is the bigger issue.)

  • Have you tried a simple reboot?  Press the upper button for 20 seconds or so and the watch turns itself off.  Then turn it back on.

  • If it keeps on that way, it's probably defective. If set up the way you describe, you should easily get several days of battery life. I use mine with always-on display, track GPS for 45 minutes, and a 30 - 40 minute workout. With Pulse Ox during sleep tracking, it uses ends the day at about about 50% - 55% remaining. Without sleep tracking, it has about 65% remaining. 

  • Well mine is the larger size but still, I agree with Scott, it sounds like an issue with your device. I have a CIQ face with AOD on and use Pulse Ox at night. I charge the watch in the AM while I shower and by the next day at the same time it is usually at around 70%.

  • So I connected with Customer Service chat - one issue I didn't realize was I did have Pulse Ox on all day so for now I set it to off and going to see how that does for a few days.  Worked with Customer Service to set things "optimally" for battery life - Pulse Ox off and using one of the onboard watch faces.  Once I make sure I get a reasonable batter life with that, I'll play around with Pulse Ox during sleep, and getting back to the watch face I prefer.  I am DEFINITELY okay without all day Pulse Ox so I am hoping hoping that solves the issue.  

  • Well I was going to say "it dies every day so doesn't that reboot it" but it's really not the same thing is it?  Doing that now just in case helpful.  Thanks!

  • Please keep us updated , thanks.

  • Coming back with a positive update.  I've had great results.   

    After turning off Pulse Ox and switching to an onboard basic watch face, using battery mode while sleeping (only), the watch automatically picking up my horseback riding lesson and GPS tracking it for 40 minutes, and also non-GPS tracking a different activity (spin bike) for another 40 minutes, I've only depleted only 23% battery in 24 hours.  I'm estimating that'll be about 3-5 days depending how much I use battery saver, and that is perfectly satisfactory to me.

    I'm totally okay without all day Pulse Ox.  I may fiddle around with turning it on during sleep and just seeing what that does to battery, may change back to the Connect IQ watch face I liked, play around with another couple settings, but now I know that it can hit a battery depletion time I'm happy with so I can finesse from there.

    Thanks all who helped here and the great Garmin customer support person who helped me too.  

    Edit: Oh and I did do a reboot as well!

  • Hi there! I am happy to hear this was resolved. If you experience any other battery drain issues please feel free to tag me!