Venu 3: HRV Status, Morning Report and much more (LOL)

New Garmin Venu 3 smartwatch has many of the features requested by the owners of the previous models:

That's why no updates ever came for us. It's garmin's usual policy...

  • The fact that Garmin is ignoring this thread proofs perfectly why we should not buy any other Garmin product.

    The lunch of Vivoactive 5 shows how low Garmin is at this moment. Instead of focusing on its customers and software development they are keep releasing new products without any future or support.

    It looks more and more like a fraud: sell a product and then run away. 

  • UP!! Because Garmin is still ignoring customers.

    Same for Venu 2:

    We are missing simple SW features from Venu 3, and we want to know why Garmin [edited] on Venu 2 and Venu 2 Plus??

    The watch was more expensive than the Chinese one, but the support is much worse. 

  • If Venu 2 plus does not have functions from Venu 3, it will be my first and last Garmin:)
  • The Venu 2 Plus has the same sensor as the Venu 3. Garmin still sells it, and it's not cheap,

    It should be updated with features like Nap Detection and HRV Status. Garmin is behaving like a fly-by-night Chinese company selling $30 smart watches with no real support, instead changing the product model number with every software update to force repeat buys.

    It may be an excusable business model when you sell a $30 product, but it's not when you sell a $400 Venu 2 Plus, tout the great new sensor and then never update it with the features that the sensor support.

  • Sadly, this is true. As mentioned above, it is also my third Garmin watch. Before the Venu 2 Plus, I had the Vivoactive 4, which didn't get the HIIT and hiking tracking profiles, only the Garmin watches from Venu 2 and above.

    As I hike a lot and also do HIIT at home, I upgraded again to the Venu 2 Plus. I was repeatedly "forced" to buy something new because a simple new profile tracking system for older watches was not provided.

    Although the Venu 3 has the Garmin Elevate V5 sensor, there are many features that do not require this sensor. HRV Tracking, Nap Time, Morning Report and especially photos in the notifications for Android could simply be added via an update.

    I will most likely switch to the Pixel Watch 3 in the fall, as the Pixel Watch 2 has already become very good and, above all, is much more accurate than the Garmin watches.

    I am just tired of this bad upselling and I recommend everyone to switch to Apple Watch and Pixel Watch.

  • Garmin is shortsighted, because the only reason to buy one of its products over a real smartwatch is because of battery life.

    Current smartwatches from Apple, Samsung and Google offer often better and more accurate sensors and algorithms (across the board in the case of Apple), and are often cheaper than Garmin's comparable offerings. Once battery life is extended on those, Garmin sales will plummet, because of its failure to update models with features supported by the hardware.

    I have dumped my Venu 2 Plus and currently use an Epix 2 that I got for free (someone close to me switched to Apple which better suits his needs). But the Venu experience has left such bad taste in my mouth, that I would not buy another Garmin and actually actively discourage others from buying one.

  • 5 months without any major updates. And thus no Venue3 feature that could be possibly added to the Venue2 Plus by software change.

    Clearly, the Venue 2Plus is already dead for Garmin.

    Once again, Thx Garmin....I'm done with this company and his absence of customer support.

    Basically, we got 2 years of light support made of half-baked broken updates and 2 years of warranty here in Europe. That's it !

    While at the same time, the Venue 2 Plus is still sold on at 429€ and the Venue3 at 449€.

    I hope future customers will read this !

  • to buy one of its products over a real smartwatch is because of battery life.

    It is significant how stubborn long-established manufacturers can be.

    The battery life is the argument for a Garmin watch, which could change this year. With Apple, you can clearly see where they want to go with their Watch Ultra and the new OnePlus Watch 2 can already manage 100 hours. This new hybrid Wear OS interface will probably come in Wear OS 5 and I am therefore excited to see what Google will bring with the Pixel Watch 3 and Wear OS 5.

  • That's crazy that the only thing the last updated added is a battery life issue. We need more update with new features and fix for the battery life!

  • Tootally !

    max 3 days now while I had 5 days easily before the last update.

    As I said previsouly, for me it is my last Garmin Watch except a huge discount on them  or a major change in Garmin's customer support....and I doubt that it will happen one day.

    I had 3 Garmin watches and it was 3 times the same story. I like my Venue 2 Plus, but after barely 2 years..I already know that my watch is obsolete despite a price of >300€.....;and not obsolete in hardware but in software !

    Being myself engineer, it something I can't understand and justify in 2024 with all the climate, environement and sustainability concerns that we must have in designing new products.