Venu 3: HRV Status, Morning Report and much more (LOL)

New Garmin Venu 3 smartwatch has many of the features requested by the owners of the previous models:

That's why no updates ever came for us. It's garmin's usual policy...

  • It's shame.. instead of simple SW updates, we have to buy new watches?

    If this venu 3 SW features doesn't come to our Venu 2 Plus I will never buy Garmin device again. Great HW, but untapped potential due to SW.

    Cheap amazfit watches has more smart features... I don't get it and I'm already regretting that I recently bought a Venu 2 Plus Confused

  • I am assuming that at least Nap Detection and HRV Status would come to the Venu 2 Plus, since it has the sensor that can handle these and Garmin would be crippling the watch on purpose if it doesn't push a software update to enable them.

    Morning Report is also a no brainer, since the Venu 2 Plus collects all the metrics.

    I am in the same boat as to continuing to buy Garmins. I generally would buy a new watch every couple of years, and I've been buying Garmins since I abandoned Fitbit because of their change to a subscription model.

    But I feel screwed by not getting these basic updates, I would probably look to Samsung or Apple for my next one, as their battery life continues to improve.

  • Venu 2 Plus is my 3rd Garmin watch.

    Old Vivomove HR had a general problem and the display stopped working after a few years, so Garmin accepted to replace all watches on its expense.

    Considering what is happening on the Vivoactive 4 forum, I should expect to face the same situation with my VA4 soon.

    Considering all this, the lack of features updates on Garmin watches, the price tag of the new Coros Pace 3, the improvements that you can get on an Apple/Samsung watch, with all the honesty in the world I don't understand why we are still buying  Garmin watches. 

  • I can definitely agree with your statement.

    I left Fitbit years ago because they didn't enable the SpO2 sensor on the Versa Gen. 1 via update.
    Now I'm on my third watch with the Venu 2 Plus. (Vivoactive 3 Music, Vivoactive 4)

    I am happy with the Venu 2 Plus and the ECG update was a nice surprise. Even though there are always updates and fixes to the software and sensors, I'm tired of having to buy a new watch when you want new features.

    As the Venu 3 has reached the price range of 500€, which is also the price range of the Apple Watch, I will think twice whether I will get a Garmin watch again.

  • yeah we knew this was the case. i'll say this: after owning many garmin watch series over the years, it seems the Venu line (bought the Venu 2 plus for my wife) is the LEAST supported line as far as consistent updates. pretty much what you get when you buy the watch is what you'll have at the end of its life. every other line (fenix, forerunner, tactix etc) have ridiculous number of feature improvements over 2+ years. not so much for venu series. the one that really annoys me is HRV status. they know the target for this watch would greatly benefit from this feature, the hardware supports it and the data is already being captured. it makes zero sense.

    i probably wouldn't buy this line again...

  • Interesting. The Venu 2 Plus is my third Garmin, but I have had only Venus, starting with the original one, then the 2 and now the Plus.

    I like the 2 Plus, and its sleep detection is so far the best of the three, and I really hope that Nap Tracking, usable continuous HRV status and Morning Report will be pushed to the 2 Plus. The hardware supports them all, and the watch should have had them to start with.

    Frankly, for the price Garmin should have had a map navigation feature as well, since several similarly priced competitors have it.

    I have been able to overlook the fact that I cannot use my AmEx or Citi Master Cards with Garmin Pay, even though I was so used to paying with my watch before I switched to Garmin.

    But I am definitely not getting the Venu 3, just to get features I strongly believe should have been available on the 2 Plus (I didn't do my research well before I upgraded to it).

    So, here is to hoping that Garmin pushes these updates to the Venu 2 Plus, but if not, I will not even consider another Garmin.

  •  It's garmin's usual policy...

    That is true, sometimes but not always. Seems to depend on the age of the previous hardware iterations. For some reason the Venu series seems to be different, in that Garmin is more reluctant to trickle down these new features. 

    You can always request it here: Share Ideas | Garmin

  • It’s a shame

    Bringing some of the new features to former watches once the replacement has been released seems to be a common practice in other brands as far as the hardware can handle them,

    It seems a good thing to keep customers loyalty and let them taste some pills on what to expect with the new release.

    I think Garmin has done that with the Forerunner family,

    Since I purchased my Venu2 the most exciting releases have been Disc Golf, Jump and Gaming activities…

    I am definitely not upgrading to Venu 3 just to get those new features and I do not think I’ll go for a Garmin, at my Venu2 expiration, either as far as they keep this policy.

    Let’s se what they do…

  • That's why I consider apple watch - excelent update policy - poor battery life. Garmin - excelent battery life - terrible update policy...

  • I have the same opinion as others.

    I think I won't conitnue with Garmin after my Venu 2 Plus. It is my 3rd watches (vivoactive3 venu1, venu2plus) and I've never seen any "interesting" updates providing new features. I was already hoping that with the Venu1 when Venu2 was realsed and it never happened.

    The only thing that is really constant with new the addition of new bugs or broken features.

    That's why, as soon as one brand will have a good and similar way to plan+record strength workouts...I will change. Garmin has good hardware for sure but a half-baked software support and an inexistent LT customer support. And not only with watches, just check the forum of the Index S2 scale....