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Repeatly pairing codes with Venu 2 Plus

This issue:

also happens with Venu 2 Plus. Very annoying as it wakes mobile phone dozens of times in a few minutes.

Samsung A41 Android 11 with Garmin Connect App installed

I also use a Fenix 6 Pro in the same environment without this issue.

All Update and Firmware are up to date.

Can be (sometimes) reproduced by leaving bluetooth range and reconnecting or by only dis- and reenabling bluetooth on the phone.

  • Get this stuff fixed. It is also a bug for the Venu 2 Plus.

    When the watch is out of range of the phone and than got back in range i have to input the code displayed on the phone.

    I only say: ~400 €.

    As gamin told here they are unable to reproduce the issue. Iam! Disable bluetooth on the phone. Reenable it. And you have to inpute the code.

    Thanks for doing garmins work.

  • So you had all these issues and then decided to spend £400 on a new Garmin? Or are you just posting in random Garmin watch forums because you’ve had issues with other watches that you’ve been able to resolve?

    I’ve personally had 4 watches in the Vivoactive/Venu range and never had this issue.

  • Please read again what i wrote.

    I own a Venu 2 Plus and with this i have the issue. I dont have the issue with another watch so this is the correc forum and not a random one.

    I am not responsible to resolve issue which are related to a bug as garmin now this for months.

    And btw. Its absolutly irrelevant if you had the issue with 4 or more watches or not. There are dozens of OS, use cases and phones out there. So the only way this can be solved is by ones that got the issues or by garmin doing its work.  Read the thread i posted. Garmin knows the issue and is "not able" to repdroduce the issue. But why there is a help thread about this from garmin here?

  • Perhaps you should work with Garmin and give them some details to help investigate the problem then.  Some basics like what type of phone you have would be a good starter!  It doesn’t sound like a very common problem looking at that thread as the number of people reporting the same issue is very small.  If lots of people are having the same issue then please reply to this thread and prove me wrong.

  • As shown in the thread there a lot of people around the world. However the amount of people is absolutly irrelevant. Dont know why this shoul be argued. 

    I have read that gamin recommended to post in another forum if this issue still happens. I will do so.

  • Hi,
    I have the same problem with Garmin Vivoactive4 in-parring with Samsung galaxy A22.

  • Is this an android phone?  Seems like when I’ve seen this happen it’s because the pairing wasn’t initiated from the watch (but instead from the phone) or the app hasn’t been given permission to run in the background.

  • Its an Android. And no i connected it through the app.
    please use this forum as Garmin recommended this forum.

  • Waiting for garmin guys.... Wake up please. We are waiting for your fix.

  • All-

    We have reports of this from users of other devices as well.  The one thing that they all have in common is that everyone uses the Android version of the Garmin Connect mobile app.  Currently our Engineering team is looking into reports of this, but there is not a forum thread in the Garmin Connect Mobile Android product forum to point users to where a discussion may be had.

    Could someone please start a thread there and tag so he can monitor?  I will then steer users there so we can get more impact on these reports.

    When you make the initial post, please give a detailed description of what you are experiencing so other affected users will easily understand exactly what is happening.