LTE not working despite coverage

We own a garmin bounce since november. Unfortunately, in the whole urban town we live as well as in the next 10km around us, the garmin bounce is not able to connect to LTE, and this despite very good 3G, 4G LTE and 5G coverage on all service providers. The map that garmin provides regarding network coverage also shows that the whole area we live in should have LTE coverage. When we drive further away then all of a sudden it has a LTE connection and the watch works perfectly fine. 

The garmin bounce has already been exchanged for a new one, problem stayed the same. I have been in touch with garmin support for several months now, the standard answer was that they are forwarding the information to the tech support. The latest firmware updates did not work on that issue.

Anyone else having the same problem?

  • I think I have the same issue. I've been through two Bounce watches and both do not activate even though they show they do in the Garmin Jr. app.  The watch signal bars are grey and never become solid white as they should.  I've contacted technical support and they have been next to useless.  Really all they've done is verify I have LTE service in my area and "escalated" my issue a couple times and it's just a black hole.  Not impressed.

    • We have the same problem. Got a replacement sent out and same issue again. 
    • Garmin don't seem to know what to do to fix it 
  • Nope.  Support ended up just having me return it for a refund.

  • We have the same problem. We got the replacement watch due to battery problems and this one has connectivity issue almost all the times. It doesn't update the location or delivers messages for hours and the live track works like 1 in 10 attempts. 

  • We are on the second watch already as well and the same issue occur while customer service states, they haven't heard of any issues from users.

    - No connection even tho we are in the center of a large city where all mobile providers just have full reception on phones.

  • We also received a replacement which does still have the very same issues. Customer service states, they haven't heard of such issues from anyone - really?

    - No connection even we are living in a city center where all providers have full reception on mobiles.

    - Message delay sometimes up to an hour even if the watch is in a Wifi network.

    - Second watch also can't be switched on now after removing from the charger.

    This for an item which is considered a "safety tool" for parents and their kids. Really disappointed with the product and will ask for a complete refund now.

  • Went with Gizmo Watch 3 instead and so far so good.  I'm thinking the Bounce doesn't sell very well so there's really no urgency to fix this issue.  Well news flash, it's not going to sell well unless it works /facepalm... Another prime example of a large company NOT in-tune with or listening to its customers.