Connecting to Mahle X35+

I have a Mahle X35+ powered ebike. Mahle's My Smartbike app talks to it no problem. Explore 2 fails to see it. Has anyone successfully connected the Explore 2 to a X35+ system? If so, please explain how.

  • has anyone connected edge 2 to any non garmin kit? I'm not buying ay more garmin gear, better off just using my mobile fone.

  • Same here...not a lot of help anywhere.(Nov23)  Good luck in your quest.

  • So, I did get it working, here's what I did: first I checked the ANT+ activity on the bike (ANT+ USB stick and IPSensorman app - showed that ANT+ was alive on the bike. Still no go from explore2. Second I thought if anything will work it should be the Mahle Pulsar one device, I bought one. It talked to the bike immediately. And the explore2 now talked to the bike also. So end result is I am now happy my explore2 works with the bike. No thanks to garmin support who just pointed at 3rd party (bike manufacturer/Mahle. A little thanks to Mahle support over the course of my fun with this, slow response but did not get to a result. My thoughts on root cause are that the Mahle configuration was not road ready, but the mahle pulsar one did not care and effectively made it ready. I suggested to mahle that they should give more engineering capability to customers since cycle retail channel seems to have no idea when it comes to ANT+ electronics and interfacing.

  • What's the Explore 2 firmware version you are running ?