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Edge Explore 2 + Fenix 6 -> training effect

Hi Guys,

Is there any other way to have training effect for the bike ride with Explore 2 and Fenix 6 other than starting duplicated bike ride activity on F6 along the one on Explore 2?

Is there any other non-gps activity I can use to reduce the battery consumption on F6 and have the training effect for such bike ride?

I understand that Explore 2 is non-training device and how market segmentation works, but maybe the fact that I also have Fenix 6 synced to my GCM account, should automatically allow Explore 2 to log such data in GCM.


  • It does exactly what you say in your last sentence. Once the activity is synced, you find all the premium metrics in Garmin Connect. Stuff like normalized power, etc.

    You don't have to start an activity on your Fenix for that. I use my Fenix 6 only to send my heart rate to the Explore 2.

    DC Rainmaker also mentions this in his review:

    "From a usability and functionality perspective, I could easily use this bike computer day-to-day. The cool part is if you’ve got a Garmin watch, it contributes to Physio True-Up, so if you’re riding with a power meter and perhaps have a higher-end Forerunner or Fenix series, this will send the completed ride files to that, where those watches will do all the fancy calculations for training load/recovery (to be displayed on those watches)."

  • It does show the load, but what I'm missing is the aerobic and anaerobic effects. It only shows them when I register the activity using watch. Am I doing something wrong?

  • It somehow gets registered in the overall stats. I did an easy 100k ride today and the bar for my low aerobic load definitely increased significantly.  Have you tried wearing a heart rate strap?

  • I did, but maybe the fact that's Magene HR strap, not Garmin, affects the final stats on Explore 2?

    This is what I see for Explore 2 cycling activity:

    Maybe it's because Explore 2 is not supporting Physio TrueUp?

  • You're lucky you can broadcast the HR from fenix6 to EE2. For me it never works when i need it. For some reason it never saw ANT, and when I found out that this is the problem i paired them via BT, but every time I try to connect them before an actual rude it doesn't see anything. Of course after the ride when i try at home, sometimes it works (but not always)

  • It does support Physio TrueUp, but doesn't seem to support those detailed training load metrics. That's probably also the reason there is no daily training suggestions on the Explore. 

    I am thinking about switching to a more "premium" edge device, because there are a few really useful metrics my fenix can do, and the Explore is probably also capable of, but Garmin just won't let us have. It is annoying and a bit of a ripoff. I also think that if you've invested in a premium watch Garmin should just unlock those features.

    Still waiting for the new Edge 840 though.

  • It does support Physio TrueUp,

    No it doesnt.
    Please see under Unified Training Status Device List

  • Can you maybe specify this a little bit? Because I am consider buying an explore edge (1). But this doesn't show the VO2Max and training load. My forerunner 745 does show it after a bike ride. 

    Do you say that I can sync both (without starting a ride on my forerunner) in the connect app and still get to see the training load? How should I do this please?

  • I have the Explore 2 And 6x and you definitely loss some information using the Explore 2 

    I have never seen any real benefit to the missing information?

  • Just tried the following 

    Started the ride on explore 2. After the ride synced explore with GCM. 

    In the load graph the load is grey with a value of 190. There is no intensity minutes or HR values in the HR graph. 

    In fact there is no intensity minutes on the explore. I saw a post that claims that explore doesn't calculate intensity minutes without resting HR, so I need another ride to see if indeed it needs resting HR. 

    Synced fenix with GCM. 

    In GCM the load is still grey. But the load distribution changed. With a value of 151 in high Aerobic. So there is a difference of 45 in the load. I believe that is anaerobic missing.

    In Fenix the values are the same as GCM but the load graph has a orange bar not a grey bar.