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Request of info on Explore 2 , hesitant to buy

Hello, I have an old Edge 800 and I  should like to buy an Explore 2 , but I'm hesitant due to 2 questions that I have, hoping to find some of you that already own and use Explore2  that can help me.

1) Virtual racer: apparently this feature is  missing. On my old edge 800 I can use a previous course and measure myself in any moment , how much ahead or behind I am. In the instruction manual of Explore 2 apparently you can upload a previous course in Training as follows:

Racing a Previous Activity
You can race a previously recorded activity or saved course.
1 Select > Training > Race an Activity.
2 Select an option:
• Select Ride History.
• Select Saved Courses.
3 Select the activity or course.
4 Select Ride.
5 Press to start the activity timer

But is not clear to me ; if i do that , can I check on a screenshot anytime how much ahead or behind I am vs uploaded course. ?

2)  slow grade measuring. 

I've read on this forum other owners that find slow the measuring of the grade variation. My edge 800 is very fast and I'm using  speed sensor. My question is:

is it really slow (latency) the grade measuring when using speed sensors ?  Many years ago I had a Garmin edge 305 and was very slow in grade measuring but I assumed that was due to non barometric altimeter and lack of speed sensor. What is your experience , may be vs previous garmin edge ?

Many thanks for your help