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Request of info on Explore 2 , hesitant to buy

Hello, I have an old Edge 800 and I  should like to buy an Explore 2 , but I'm hesitant due to 2 questions that I have, hoping to find some of you that already own and use Explore2  that can help me.

1) Virtual racer: apparently this feature is  missing. On my old edge 800 I can use a previous course and measure myself in any moment , how much ahead or behind I am. In the instruction manual of Explore 2 apparently you can upload a previous course in Training as follows:

Racing a Previous Activity
You can race a previously recorded activity or saved course.
1 Select > Training > Race an Activity.
2 Select an option:
• Select Ride History.
• Select Saved Courses.
3 Select the activity or course.
4 Select Ride.
5 Press to start the activity timer

But is not clear to me ; if i do that , can I check on a screenshot anytime how much ahead or behind I am vs uploaded course. ?

2)  slow grade measuring. 

I've read on this forum other owners that find slow the measuring of the grade variation. My edge 800 is very fast and I'm using  speed sensor. My question is:

is it really slow (latency) the grade measuring when using speed sensors ?  Many years ago I had a Garmin edge 305 and was very slow in grade measuring but I assumed that was due to non barometric altimeter and lack of speed sensor. What is your experience , may be vs previous garmin edge ?

Many thanks for your help

  • There is a lag in grade measurement, but i don't know how to compare it because this is my first cycle device. I also only actually looked at the grade on one night ride. The grade was very small (not sure if that effects the latency) i think up to 7 degrees

  • Regarding Virtual Partner, there are only two options you can do with a completed workout: delete and create course. 
    Once saved as a course, you can basically use it, delete it, rename it, change colour...and that is about it. So, no Virtual Partner, at least for now. 

  • Many thanks for the info. Missing virtual partner is a big lack for me, since is a function I use it every time to measure myself vs a previous time on the same circuit. I think I  will not buy an Explore 2 . I  will look  other brands for the same  price. It's a pity.

  • I would skip EE2 for many other reasons if I'd new what a mixed bag it is. Price point is hard to beat on paper, and there are not many brands competing for it. If I were in your position, I'd wait for Edge 540/840, as this Explore feels like an unwanted child in the Garmin family. 

  • Good point. Thank you for the suggestion. My Edge 800 is not dead so I can wait to see the new 540/840 , hoping that the  size  of the display will be similar to Explore 2. Maps on edge 800(  which is same size of 530/830) became too small for my eyes.  Disappointed

  • In the Training menu, you can Set a Traget - Distance, Distance and Time, Distance and Speed, or you can Race an Activity, past rides or saved courses. No virtual Partner... i did find this out after buying the device, since i thought it only lacks other Training stuff, but racing old rides is there.  There is stuff missing from this device that just don't make sense or rather look at it like that, if you ONLY need Navigation, it's good, if you need ANY training stuff or Performance stats, DO NOT buy it. While the 530/830 are great, micro usb is a no go in 2023

  • thank you for your answer. I  don't need any particular training stuff. The only thing I  should need is to measure myself against a past activity. When you say that you can race an old ride,  does it mean that you can see  somehow in a screenshoot  how much you're behind or ahead vs  the old ride ?  or  simply riding an old ride give you navigation information (turn left, turn right etc) ? Thank you if you can kidly confirm me that .

  • There is no virtual partner, or i can't seem to find it, not as own data screen or anything. So probably can't see any data of past ride while you are doing a new ride. You can set a target of distance + speed or distance + time and get a new screen that counts down

  • many thanks ! Therefore I think that I  should wait for 540/840 hoping that display will be  bigger vs 530/830.

  • You can get virtual partner via a Connect IQ field