Edge 830 turning off and on mid ride?

Hi I’ve updated my edge 830 and it’s turning off and on mid ride. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is there a fix?


  • Mine is doing it, too. I've spent hours trying to fix it....ugh!!

  • Mine is doing it, too. I've spent hours trying to fix it....ugh!!

  • I too had a shutdown yesterday. Second time this has happened. It restarted right away and I could resume my ride. It occurred after I completed a climb, took about a 10 minute break and then resumed riding. I do have auto pause enabled. Following is the error log generated from the ride. You may contact me via email for more information.


    "product_name":"Edge 830",
    Function Address: 0x602E4E50
    Call Address at Function: 0x602E4E6A

    Function Address: 0x602E6A68
    Call Address at Function: 0x602E6A92

    Function Address: 0x602E98A8
    Call Address at Function: 0x602E98B0

    Function Address: 0x605129F4
    Call Address at Function: 0x60512A60

    Function Address: 0x60513590
    Call Address at Function: 0x605135B0

    Function Address: 0x604FFE0C
    Call Address at Function: 0x604FFE2A

    Function Address: 0x604FEEBC
    Call Address at Function: 0x604FEF9A

    Function Address: 0x601A9518
    Call Address at Function: 0x601A954C

    Function Address: 0x601AA938
    Call Address at Function: 0x601AA9AA

    Function Address: 0x601AAE78
    Call Address at Function: 0x601AAFA4

    Function Address: 0x601A6C90
    Call Address at Function: 0x601A714E

    Function Address: 0x601A660C
    Call Address at Function: 0x601A6652

    Function Address: 0x601A6928
    Call Address at Function: 0x601A69A6

    Function Address: 0x6019D9E4
    Call Address at Function: 0x6019DAA6

    Function Address: 0x601A084C
    Call Address at Function: 0x601A08C6

    Function Address: 0x60460D80
    Call Address at Function: 0x60460E62

    Function Address: 0x6019DCE4
    Call Address at Function: 0x6019DD04

    "error_cause":"RTL Trap",
    "Commit ID":"854fbf06c31fd76281758b3691f065c1c6be90db",
    "Time":"2023-4-18 9:2:41",
    "Project Specific":"2023-4-18 9:2:41",
    "RTL Error Number":"6E5D8024",
    "Error Message":"62F961F8,00000000,00000000,62F96200,00000000,00000000,00000000,62F961F8,00000000,62F9622C,00000CF1,00000014,62F96200,62F961F8,00000000,602E4E6A,600F003F",
    "Task Name":"BTF main",
    "Saved SP":"62F961F8",
    "Saved LR":"00000000",
    "Saved PC":"602E4E6A",

    "product_name":"Edge 830",
    "backtrace":"mtk_stp_btm - Error type ( 0 ) File( ..\\..\\..\\Platform\\imx7\\hwm_edge_mt6630.c ) Line( 484 )",
    "Commit ID":"854fbf06c31fd76281758b3691f065c1c6be90db",
    "Time":"2023-4-18 10:34:25",
    "Project Specific":"2023-4-18 10:34:25",
    "Task ID":"A0FCEF68",
    "Task Name":"mtk_stp_btm",
    "File Name":"..\\..\\..\\Platform\\imx7\\hwm_edge_mt6630.c",
    "Line Number":"484",
    "Message":"MTK6630 CoreDump"


  • This happened to me in Mallorca last week with a mate, my Garmin 830 suddenly turned itself off then a moment later it turned itself back on again. I didn't lose the ride data and it resumed recording. Then a while later my mate had the exact same thing happen to him except he has a Garmin 530!

    Is this something to do with electrical interference, but then you would expect both units to turn themselves off at the same time?

  • I can definitely say that my shutdown was not due to electrical interference as I was nowhere near anything that could interfere. 

  • What components are everyone using?

    I have SRAM red/quarq power meter and wahoo hr monitor. I wonder if the combination of parts is the culprit 

  • Well, I chatted with one of the techs, and he couldn’t figure it out. I did discover that it has something to do with the Wi-Fi. I did a hard reset and when it came to the part to set up Wi-Fi, I skipped it. Oddly enough it shuts off and reboots now when I get finished with a ride and as soon as I hit save, it shuts down. It does save the ride to my phone, but the rides never get saved on the head unit anymore. 

  • This problem has been plaguing me for a while now.  I ride with a SRAM/Quarc.  When I didn’t use the quarc power meter for a few months the unit never rebooted. Going back to the SRAM power meter it started rebooting again mid ride.  Last week it rebooted twice during one ride.  Garmin really need to figure this out as it seems to be a very common problem

  • Me too - wish I'd never got the 830 with all the problems. HR monitor dropping in and out, same with Power Meter and now switching off!

  • Just ran into this again on a large group ride event. It lost a portion of the ride while it was rebooting, just happened to be a few hundred feet of climbing. Happy to provide logs if someone directs me to where it keeps them.