Edge 830 turning off and on mid ride?

Hi I’ve updated my edge 830 and it’s turning off and on mid ride. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is there a fix?


  • Search the group. You can backup and restore your settings before resetting. 

  • It started doing it several months ago - dropping sensors multiple times each ride, then shutting off mid ride. Battery life went down by more than 50%. Factory reset did not do anything, Downgraded the firmware to 7.1 and it has been working without a glitch ever since. Just getting the nagging reminder to upgrade to 9.75 each time I use it. Hopefuly I will not accept the upgrade by accident one of those days, as it takes time to backup, downgrade and restore the settings. Garmin seems not to care about it. After 20 years with Garmin devices, the next one will be from a differnt company.

  • First delete the update file if you  have already downloaded then put an empty file named "GUPDATE.GCD" in the main folder of Edge. 

    And do NOT use Garmin Express, because it replaces the fake, empty file.

    This is the most you can do.

  • I did that, but unfortunately I have to use Garmin Express every now and again, as the Edge will not upload some rides over Bluetooth for some reason. Then I have to do the whole thing again. I am just careful not to click on the Update button now. Shame on Garmin for not fixing this issue, but it is what it is. Thanks for the tip!

  • What about WIFI?

    I never use GE any longer, wifi sync does its job.

  • On my Edge 1000 the WiFi killed the battery much faster, so I never used it. Will try the 830 with WiFi and see how that goes. Thanks again!

  • You do not need Garmin Express to upload a ride that did not automatically upload. You can do it manually. When you connect your Garmin to your computer it should appear as another drive on your computer. Open the Garmin drive and find the Activities folder. It will have all of your rides that have not been removed from your Garmin. They are named by the date of the ride and have a file extension of ".fit". You can manually upload these rides to the Garmin Connect website or any other website such as Strava or RidewithGPS. Hope that helps.

  • My EDGE 830 has been either stopping a ride while I'm pedaling along, and I've not touched any buttons, etc. It just stopped the ride, and once I realize it, I hit the start button again and it continues, having lost whatever portion of the ride I pedaled before noticing. Sometimes it just goes into a reboot, again without me having touched anything at all. It looses whatever part of the ride that occurred during the reboot.

    This has happened several times over MANY months now, but I had no idea why, and I let it pass because I thought it was an inexplicable glitch. Usually didn't happen again soon enough to force me to do anything about it. 

    Now it is worse, and it just turned itself off during 2 of my last 3 rides this week. If I didn't notice it soon enough, I lost more ride data before realizing it and booting the device up again. When I do that, it comes up to the same ride, showing the STOPPED status, and I then can hit START and it continues the same ride, having lost time and distance of course. 

    I am trying to follow up some instructions from tech support to send them the Garmin folder using Express to send it, but they didn't give me a valid code yet for Express to use. The tech I spoke to said they are working on this known software issue.

    I'm most disappointed to see that this seems to be an ONGOING issue that is affecting many others, and they STILL don't have a fix??  The EDGE is pretty much USELESS for recording rides if it's going to stop or shut down during a ride. And every time this happens, all useful info about Training Effect, Status, Calorie or hydration counts, etc is fouled. It comes up with Zeros for all these if the failure occurs late in the ride (which it usually has, in my case.) 

    For the record, the failures are happening whether I am navigating a course or not. Both have occurred over the long period of time this has happened (multiple events.)

  • Mine keeps doing this too. It happens so often that it simply is not usable anymore. Can someone tell me how to get the OS back to a previous version?

  • It happens both outdoor and indoor riding.